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How design + performance can advance your social movement

by Melissa Jones Briggs and Jessica Hastings Munro for the Stanford d.school

“I have an idea!” The young scientist raised her voice.

“She has an idea!” the second scientist echoed.

“She has an idea!” “She has an idea!” “SHE HAS AN IDEA!” The chorus reverberated through the audience, igniting voice after voice until the entire room reverberated with support for her idea.

The scientist-performers were modeling a simple technique, advocated by Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research and even used within Obama’s staff meetings, to amplify the voices of women in their communities.

“Design for Influence culminates in an experiential performance with a call to action designed to shift individual and collective behavior within their communities.” …


Jess Munro

IDEO alum + Stanford design instructor; exploring the connection between character + design abilities.

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