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This review, written by an anonymous contributor, is part of Dispatches from 2120, a speculative-fiction project that imagines Washington, DC a century into the future. To learn more about the origins and intentions of this project, read author Josh Kramer’s introductory post. Introductory/end text and illustration by Josh Kramer, with compliments to the Brookside Bonsai Society.

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News Roundup!

  • On Sunday, the last living beech in Douglass succumbed to the east-sweeping Beech Leaf disease that has wiped the American beech from eastern forests. The beech now follows the mortal path of ash trees and the once-dominant American chestnut. There will be a Humanist vigil on Saturday morning at the beech’s stump just south of Boundary Bridge. …


Josh Kramer

I’m a freelance journalist/illustrator/cartoonist. http://joshkramercomics.com

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