The designer I want to be

For too long in my life I never felt passionate about anything until I met a designer. For a few months I was exposed to his work and the whole process, from the client side. Now I know, it changed my life.

Off course I knew what a designer was but I had never been involved in their work before. I felt instant admiration and a sudden desire of explore if I was capable of doing the same things and be called a designer too, fancy word.

My really cool boss used to talk about him as he was some kind of an artist and he was pretty comfortable with that (who wouldn’t?). This artistic thing eventually made me think I wasn’t creative enough to be a designer or that I wasn’t talented or even gifted enough. There was this elitist halo surrounding him and I just gave up.

Curious thing was (though now I know the reason), he never came back for a second project, instead, another guy arrived. He was a normal person with nothing particularly artistic about him and he stayed for a really long time, almost made the team cry when he announced he was leaving.

A while have passed, I move to a different country, I have better access to information and education and a really good chance to finally build me a new career. Design is the only career path that has ever made me feel motivated, so I’ve decided to pursuit it not before doing a lot of research, heavy reading and talking to some designers including those I’ve first met.

The are great professionals out there that enjoy being creative to satisfy their vision of how the world should be. Sometimes they share this vision with their clients and sometimes they don’t, who knows what is right?.

There are others who draw a clear line around design, and ultimately gave me the final push. One of them told me:

I had to leave because they constantly wanted me to be creative while blindfolded and never allowed me to solve the real problems. It was frustrating and exhausting.

Yes, it was the normal guy with nothing particular and it was revolutionary to me. It opened my mind about what creativity and design really is and how I could enter this field and succeed regardless of the cliché and misconceptions.

Design is a broad field. If the result of our work is so delightful someone wants to call it art, I guess it’s a good thing but ultimately, we are all here to accomplish the same goal: find and solve the problem.

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