“The Lost Underwater City”, Henry Söderlund

When you first meet someone

Take stock of any burdens they carry

And if you listen only to one thing:

Listen to how they see the world.

If their load is light

And they see a world of wonder and possibility

Then they will see that wonder and that possibility in you.

There is a world in every soul

A vast lake

With the smoothest mirror surface

It sings with monster depths and bounces each stroke of sky colour

Few will have the courage to dive into your world.

Unless they see possibility, they will simply sit still

And gaze at their reflection:

Defining your world by the reflection of their own visage.

Remember this when you first meet.

For if you choose to get close:

Their burden will become yours

Their neuroses, your slow and rueful task

And their world, your path.

“Long Lake Reflections”, Max and Dee Bernt
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