Lessons in badassery from Sophia Amoruso

After hearing Tim Ferriss interview Sophia Amoruso, I had a burning desire to speak to Sophia. I wanted to ask how, IMHO, she became such a badass — someone that continuously shoots after the “unobtainable” and makes it happen. My goal in life.

In her interview with Tim, Sophia talks about how she likes to make promises she’s not sure she can keep and then figure out how to keep them. Something about this drew me in — I’ve found myself doing this in the past (more making promises to myself) and I wanted to know how to take this to the next level.

I have a track record of setting myself challenges that I’m not sure how to achieve. One example — getting in touch with Richard Branson. Disclaimer: this was a few years ago when Richard Branson was my idol. It took 3 emails (tweaking the subject line and email copy) over a 2 month period but I did it.

Getting in touch with Sophia was another one of these challenges. Putting my personal badassery to the test.

2 weeks after setting myself this challenge, I was on the phone with Sophia and I left the call feeling like I could achieve anything. This was because it reminded me of one empowering fact…

We. Are. All. Human

It finally sunk in that we’re all human. I was on the phone with an awesome human but ultimately, a human. It’s so easy to hold the people we admire up and forget that they’re human. And there is no reason why that couldn’t be me on the other side of the phone someday. Realizing this was incredibly empowering.

Sophia also shared some great advice that helped me get to the above realization:

  1. Convince yourself that you belong wherever you are. You’re an invited guest. Don’t be too impressed.
  2. The people we look up to aren’t a different being. We’re all human.
  3. Know that you’re capable.
  4. Be bold with your ideas.
  5. Surround yourself with strong people.
  6. Don’t put up with sh*t. Have a line that you draw and don’t accept anything less.

I revisit the above advice regularly to remind myself to keep shooting for the unobtainable. I hope it helps you too.

For fun…

  • Set yourself a challenge that you’re not sure how to achieve right now and go for it. Keep going until you achieve it because you will.
  • Cherry on top: Ping me on Twitter or at jess.k.ratcliffe@gmail.com to let me know what it is. And I’ll share my next challenge with you.

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