The Ever Expanding Definition of Collusion
Parker O'Brien

Let’s say there was nothing wrong with taking the meeting with the Russian lawyer. However, perjury is illegal as demonstrated by Bill Clinton’s legal prosecution, not for have sex with Monica Lewinski but for lying about it.

For Jared Kushner as per his security clearance contract he is required to report meetings with foreign agents which he conveniently only did in an amended and tardy filing just as Don Trump’s “I love it” email was coming out. This MSNBC speculates may have been done by Kushner to sacrifice Don, an “idiot” to quote the New York Post, as the patsy responsible for Kushner’s attendance.

I believe a perjury case can be brought against both Don and Jared. They will of course “deny” or “not recall”. But with the “I love it” email and Kushner’s legal reporting failure, forgetfulness and ignorance of the law may not hold sway under a forceful Mueller perjury prosecution should it be pursued.

I know that when they go low we should summon our better natures and go high. But sometimes I do hear a “lock them up” chorus crescendoing in search of a rally replete with a jumbotron showing a very large paddy wagon being loaded with Don, Jared and a whole cast of Trumpian characters.

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