Thank you for telling this truth. My respect, apologies, and condolences are with you.
Michael Edwards

Assuming you are white, you and me (fellow white person here) are not entitled to any encouragement from POC to do the work that we are obligated to do by virtue of our immense privilege. We benefit from white supremacy no matter who is president.

Also not helpful to challenge statistics presented in the article given that we have absolutely no idea what it is like to be Black in this country.

To say that red is synonymous with racism while blue is anti-racist (as I think you imply if I understand/read correctly?) also misses the point: all white people are responsible for upholding white supremacy, from tea party conservatives to liberal democrats and everyone in between. Some POC find covert racism like racial microaggressions even more harmful than overt racism because we white people hide behind our “liberal” identities making ourselves seem safe and then we come out with harmful comments and behaviors that demonstrate how unaware we are of our own privilege. Most of us have no idea the extent of harm that we personally commit against POC; and then there is our collective harm of POC as white people in America which we all have to answer for.

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