Everyone needs to stop!

Frenetic Pacing

There’s something about the festive season that causes mania amongst people of all creeds and walks of life.

This morning I was walking into work and a lady snapped at me and said “There’s a line!” when I went to move past her to get to my office, not even recognizing me as the manager she’d spoken to just the day before.

This afternoon I was walking through the city at a brisk pace to get to an appointment and three people pushed past me, suit jackets flapping, swearing about how everyone needed to just get out of the way.

Tonight I was grocery shopping and there was an actual fight over the last hot chicken. They called security! Over a $7 chicken!

Absolute madness.

So this is just a friendly neighbourhood PSA on remembering that the world won’t end if you take an extra 30 seconds to do something (obvious exceptions for astrophysicists and bomb disposal experts).