Hi Gary! Good question: On the consumer side, 2016 was Medium’s best year yet and it’s gained a ton…
Dakota Shane

You don’t mention if you were let go or not. Or are you one of the “powers that be” that made the decision to cut staff? Were you consulted on which staff to let go? I ask these questions because you seem slightly patronizing in your send off letter. 
You seem to have known that the layoffs were coming, the reasons why and the solvency of The Medium. 
If it was The Medium’s best year ever, why cut staff? And what is meant by the layoffs being due solely because of a “pivot regarding the brand side/monetization”? 
It sounds like the CEO/Owner and mgmt wanted bigger paychecks, even if they had to cut jobs, and redirect the payroll to themselves.
If this is the case, that would explain the patronizing tint.

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