Last week we brought the tech for good movement to Helsinki to coincide with Slush, Northern Europe’s largest tech conference.

Over 200 people came to our Slush fringe event which we held at Demos Helsinki. They came to hear about tech for good and meet entrepreneurs from around the world using technology for social change.

My co-host for the evening Johannes Nuutinen helps to open the event

While we showcased startups from Silicon Valley and London — including BGV alum Aparito — there were plenty of examples of tech for good in Finland to celebrate.

ResQ Club is a Finnish startup that wants to eliminate food waste. Their app connects people with…

The minerals that go into a Fairphone are sourced from conflict-free mines, having a positive impact across the supply chain (image from Fairphone: CC BY-SA-2.0)

How do you feel about the impact technology has had on the world? For every great use of technology, like helping millions of unbanked people in the world access finance, there are examples where an irresponsible use of technology has had a harmful impact, for example the use of the dark web to traffic everything from guns to child pornography.

Throughout history we can point to examples where technology has increased equality; by creating better products and services that improve lives by being cheaper than existing solutions, more accessible and able to reach more people. …

Would you hack your body so you could live forever? Some suggest this could be a possibility in the future, but is it useful to live forever and would we be happy? These were some of the issues we delved into at the latest Tech for Good Meetup I helped to run last week, which also saw the launch of the new Tech London Advocates Tech for Good Working Group.

The event aimed to transport the audience 33 years into the future, to explore the impact of technology on our lives in 2050, and dig into issues of ethics in…

Today we’re pleased to announce that Bethnal Green Ventures is launching a new partnership with The Children’s Society, to support new ways of using technology to address some of most serious issues facing vulnerable young people today.

The problem

It is not always a single issue or event that can damage a child’s life, but the cumulative impact of multiple adversity and risk that lead to significant and unmet need. …

Jessica Stacey

Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator for tech startups tackling tough social and environmental challenges

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