Path to PM — Week 1

So the first week is done. And what a week it’s been. In good ways and in bad.

At 4.30am on the morning the course began, I was struck with what I thought was food poisoning. I struggled in to the course, feeling very sub-par, because the last thing I wanted to do was miss the first day. As the week progressed, it became clear that it wasn’t just food poisoning. Suffice to say I was operating on empty for the entire week.

As the week drew to a close I began thinking that perhaps being sick was a good metaphor for how you often have to operate as a Product Manager. Overwhelmed by a deluge of information and decisions to make. Struggling to find the energy to tackle it all. Always needing just a few more minutes to process your thoughts enough to find the way forward. Forward momentum difficult to maintain but absolutely crucial to success.

Having survived the week I am now able to reflect positively on what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Despite the challenge and despite my doubts, I’ve managed to make it through. I’ve even managed to produce a project which isn’t half bad. If the first week was a test — baptism by fire — then I feel like I passed. Just.

Maybe this is what all weeks feel like when you’re a PM.