Classes Give a Helping Hand

As a mass media concentration I have learned a lot about journalism, communication law, and video software editing. My internship, however, is in student affairs, which is traditionally a public relation’s job. Luckily, our major covers many topics and I feel that it did prepare me for this internship.

Three classes that have helped me prepare for this internship have been Comm 341 Advanced Media Writing, Comm 251 Principal Page and Digital Design, and Comm 101 Public Speaking.

Comm 341 has allowed me to understand how our community, Farmville and Longwood, works and grows. By going out into the community and reporting on events and news I feel I am more connected to the school and can represent that in my work at my internship with FYE. For example, I interviewed people in RCL and Administration for my articles and now I work with them through our office. I am able to continue a professional relationship with them and I know they are a resource if I need help.

Comm 251 has helped me with the design work I do with the office. I have had to create many flyers, posters, and hand outs, and without this class I would not have known which tools to use or where to even start. I was able to be more creative with my internship projects because I had done work like this before.

Comm 101 taught me the basics of public speaking which I am very grateful for. I am the Orientation Coordinator so I have had to create and run 7 presentations so far with my co worker John. Comm 101 gave me the confidence and knowledge to speak in front of large groups. In the summer I will be training 26 Peer Mentors for Orientation, which means I will be doing public speaking every day. I am excited by this opportunity and I know this will help me in my future career goals.