Just Keep Swimming

Since Selection Day it has been a lot calmer in the office. Our task load went from 100 things to do to about 10 things to do. It has been nice not being crazy busy, but I know this time is just the calm before the next storm (in a good way).

Since my last entry I have been working on a lot of training ideas. John and I had our first training for our Peer Mentors last night, March 2nd. At this training we talked about what the Peer Mentor role is, had them do a team building activity, had them sign contracts, and went over paperwork they needed to fill out by our next training on the 19th. I absolutely loved this training because it was the first time I saw all of our Peer Mentors in one space. I am so excited to lead them in their role and it really refreshed my mind on why I wanted this job/internship.

Some challenges I’ve faced since my last journal entry was feeling a little “burnt out.” I have been working so hard that I have been trying to stay super motivated the past two weeks. I definitely needed that training last night because it reenergized my love for my internship. It made me see that all of my hard work and efforts are not going to waste. Real, actual people are a part of our Peer Mentor team and everything I do will be to benefit them.

These experiences are going to help me seek my future career by knowing my future job will not always be super exciting, but every day I put in work will make my future better. The programs, activities, and events we plan for will be great as long as I stay focused and motivated in my job.

In the weeks ahead John and I will be preparing for our next training. That training is an all-day event where we discuss the Peer Mentor role further, figure out their payment paperwork, and get to know them a little bit better. I’m excited to see where things go and how our Peer Mentor team will do!

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