When life gets you down, think Starbucks Oatmeal

Just Steep for 3 Minutes

What has satisfied my hunger and ultimately made each morning better than the next? Oh but of course it is Starbuck’s newest product, (or new to me) Steel-cut oatmeal. In three simple steps I am enjoying delicious oatmeal paired with an array of nuts and dried fruits that could brighten anyone’s day during this oh-so gloomy winter.

Here at Wake Forest it is difficult to choose from the array of option offered to us come meal time. Not being a huge breakfast person, it is hard to crave my hunger come 10am in between classes. Don’t need a meal worth a pit swipe and definitely not going to waste an old gold in benson center. So what is a girl hungry girl to do? A hungry girl should head straight over to Starbucks at the local ZSR or North Campus dining hall for some oatmeal that will satisfy any craving. Blueberry or original— you can’t go wrong.

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