|Design Case Study| Vinelab’s new image rebranding has a background story [Part 2].

The Final Design Artwork

If you have read the previous article, you probably want to know by now what is the direction that was chosen. The most versatile solution that portrayed the image of Vinelab that was aimed for was *drum rolls effect* the last solution. So after long discussions involving the element most prominent to be developed in this shift of image, Bacchus was the right choice for many reasons.

Bacchus was not simply a mascot but more like an image that could evolve on different aspects and domains and could bring to the story of the company many other elements for that matter. Bacchus belongs to a full decade of narratives and influences and he was one of the most prominent one. By highlighting his story, many others surfaced and gave the concept a whole other meaning.

As the design developed accordingly, the geometric shapes used were given up for the lack of meaning they gave to the design concept. Later on, a metaphor was built between all the Gods that existed in that phase and what all that gave as influence for the audience to what social media offers at the present day. Old Gods and Goddesses were turned into what we know as influencers now. So we decided to bring the Gods back to life, give them the human aspect of the influencers while keeping that idealism aspect they offered to the people.

And so it went, working on each God and Goddess relatively to the vertical they represented with a human twist:

example 1
example 2
example 3

That was just the beginning. This concept was so versatile that it was used in every aspect or idea that needed to be visualized along the way:

Expertise Visual

In Summary, Rebranding the image of a company is not only offering an appealing solution for the brand, but is taking what the brand can offer and turn it into a versatile strong concept that could work all along its elements. And in the process always refer to the main brand owner’s perception that could fold in many different layers of directions and could also lead into an interesting brainstorming result.

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