The perks of having non-designer friends.

As a dedicated designer that is obsessed about turning every simple life aspect into a design project, having non-designer friends brings joy as much as mixed feelings *let’s keep it on that emotional level*. So in this list below you will find the main perks *or not* of having such friends.

1.First and foremost, getting excited about different kinds of sales. While they might be screaming once they find out that their favorite shirt is on sale, you might be over your head once your desired font is on sale. I mean come on.. those modern calligraphy fonts..

2. The delightment of explaining each time that “Pantone” is a color system not a shampoo brand once you mention it. *let’s not reveal any brand name here*

3. Making lame excuses about not being able to go out tonight because you got new art supplies you’re so excited to try …I mean you’ve been there at least once. Right?

Oh Liar Liar!

4. Suggesting wearing complementary colors when they ask you about their outfits’ color choices. Well what did you expect from a designer? That’s why they created the color wheel!

5. Explaining why you have to get that Brazilian coffee that you will never drink just because the packaging was absolutely amazing. And the list goes on and on.

6. Showing a well studied white space design and get asked: “oh but, where is the design anyway?!” Dude. Less is More. Have you heard that? Better what, why don’t try to balance a composition in that way?

7. Hearing the word “font”, “font”, “font” anytime you choose to discuss anything related to typography. “what did you say? Topography?” *not going to even discuss that part …euh nope.*

*Face palm*

8. Getting advices on how to design and what works better while passing by your screen. Oh hun! did I ever looked at your spreadsheets and told you how to calculate something? *no offense intended*

9. And at last, asking you about how fun is your work because you get to draw and color the whole time. And that would be it. The moment you realize that that kind of friendships could not exist anymore.*Sorry not sorry*

Finally, these are what I call perks *sarcasm intended* of having non-designer friends. But if you have any other ones you wish to share, go ahead comment below and make my day.

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