5 Drop Earrings Every Girl Should Own

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Drop earrings are among the most popular earrings around. While many people favor these earrings for work and formal events they could still make a statement on a club night if rocked right. The versatility of the drop design is such that drop earrings cover everything from playful tassels to lavish chandeliers. With so many options on sale, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you are about to make your next drop earring purchase. We’re giving you a list of the top 5 drop earring designs recommended by the team over at Chvker Jewelry, that you should definitely include in your wardrobe if they aren’t there yet:

Chandelier earrings

Just like the chandeliers we are all familiar with, this type of drop earring is out to attract attention. The big and bold nature contrast with most of its drop earring counterparts but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. They are the perfect options for dinners, balls, and other formal events. Chandelier earrings could come in various lengths but the unifying feature is that they always make a statement. They look best on women with a triangle or heart-shaped face. This type of drop earrings often clashes with necklaces. So, you might want to leave your necklace out of the equation when rocking a chandelier earring.

Linear drop earrings

Linear drop earrings are also known as threaders. Metals, gemstones, or other adornments are hanged to a single thread that drops beautifully below your earlobe. Linear drop earrings are popular among women with round faces because it elongates their features. They are not as bold or flashy as chandelier earrings, making them the perfect choice for a regular day at work or a casual day out.

Pearl drop earrings

Pearl drop earrings usually feature a gemstone that drapes below the earlobe. The earring style is short and elegant, and it goes well with classy bracelets and bold necklaces. Pearl drop earrings are quite versatile. No matter the shape of your face, you can always get a style that suits you. They’re the perfect choice when you wish to add a touch of class to your lace dress, silk blouse or tailored trouser.

butterfly earrings
butterfly earrings
Butterflies are In!

Geometric drop earrings

These earrings feature different shapes staked beautifully to hang below the earlobes. They have a metallic shine to them and the shapes featured hardly give room for gemstones. The earrings are perfect for people with round and oblong face shapes. If you are a fan of unique fashion styles, these earrings would be a great companion.

Tassel earrings

Tassels are chic and beautiful and they’ve been around for a while now. At the risk of sounding cliché, tassels are the perfect example of perennial drop earrings. Their versatile design ensures they go well with any face shape. Because tassels can come in a variety of colors, they are a great option for people who love to go out in casual or colorful outfits.

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