Divided states of America

This whole country was founded on the acceptance of every religion, race politics etc. Freedom to be who we are without the rule of powers to influence our state of freedom of expression.

United we stand strong, divided we fail. This concept was the fuel that gave our country strength. We succeeded over other country’s because of this system. Now we as a country are loosing ground real quick. Our country represented our ability to accept the differences in others by letting bygons be bygons. Now we hate the other party whether it be democratic, republican or independent for having different views. The us against them syndrome. This very concept causes us to rot from the inside out. The worm tearing into our inner Apple is the worm of division.

We can’t just accept and love people for who they are. We accept and love people based on there beliefs and views about the world. This is how we socialise here. Instead of accepting everyone the way they are we try to make them exactly like us, which is impossible unless we have total control of there mind.


Well instead of complaining about a problem lets contemplate a solution to it starting with ourselves. Is the problem coming from the world, our continent, country, state, city, government or us? We might complain about the obvious truth surrounding our dilemma in this country but what are we doing to solve it?

Should I blame the Democrats or republicans? The 1% filthy rich or 99% or how bout the ones in poverty committing crimes and filling in the prison systems. Or those who cross our borders illegally? Could it be a combination of all these things or is it not any of em?

Being united

Uniting ourselves with a common cause and accepting our many diversity is the answer. I believe in Carl Jung philosophy but added a little perspective. The Perspective that a collective mind becomes more powerful when it works with non judgement of others while celebrating diversity.

The problem in this country isn’t the policy and laws but the fundamental character of our entire belief system as a country. The idea that competition, being number one over everyone else and money as the motivating factor to our happiness is the fundamental problem. Also the very concept of strength in unity itself requires understanding the cause and effect of our consequences. We must open our eyes and recognise that we are all connected beyond our ability to perceive this connection with our five senses. Stop treating people who are great in sports or smart as better or greater than everyone else. In order for unity to work we need to eliminate our idea of ourselves being more than others. Not in the sense of taking care of ourselves but not neglecting our compassionate awareness of those around us. Everyone is special including people who are disabled and the ability to show great love just with there presence. The very concept of our country being Superior to others is what has caused a lot of this division Within. An example might be China during trade in the 17 and 18 hundreds thought they were Superior. Guess what happened to them a race of people who were extremely intelligent while outnumbering us 10 - 1. They regressed because they thought they were Superior to the west and didn’t want to do trading with them in fear of corrupting their culture. Because of this their Collective mind became weak and regressed, now they are integrating and becoming powerful very quick. In order for us to gain strength we must unite but in order to unite we have to change our fundamental ways of thinking.