KGuaranteed way how to destroy Donald Trump

My friend a secret to the universe is to love. You destroyed Donald Trump through love let me explain. And the laws of the universe if you display love to those who hurt you instead of hate it innacts the power of the universe to correct in the misteak for you in a perfect measure balance. I did it several times in LA County Jail when I felt powerless. When I saw corruption every time it worked 15 out of 15 times. I got the knowledge from the religious philosophy of taoism. Mysteriously when towns would get up rage and disorderly they sent a sage to each town. Oddly enough the sages did very few things and it’s stabilized the town without violence or anything period the knew how to allow the universe to solve problems instead of getting in the way. But at the same time knowing the balance when to take action. The source gives them instruction in what to do the at that particular time when needed the most. So my friends you want to destroy Donald Trump use love, imagine a color light rainbow light any light associated with love and projected towards him despite the hateful things he’s been doing. I guarantee you it’ll have an effect. What it will do is it all innact an equal balance of Justice faster. Whatever he has done and if there is corruption it will be weeded out and exposed to the public and what needs to be done will get done. You leave it in the universe is Hands by giving him love and power that he can’t control takes over. Now the other party can do the same thing to the Hillary Clinton camp but I don’t really think there’s much corruption there I think it was just all of mass conspiracy of the Republicans creating false information mixed with true information to make things seem like they’re not and I’ve debunked every one of them so you can do it towards Hillary to and Justice will be done as well but not I don’t think she has anything to worry about. But I say you destroyed Donald Trump with love my friends rise up I am

A secret to love which is not taught is that love heals hate, love heals but what you font know is that love also judges in a perfect equal measure. Cause and effect. But that can be quickened by your forgiveness and projecting love life. True forgiveness can only be gained in one way that Jesus taught that is still true. At the level of consciousness that whoever did whatever thing he did that was bad was the best they can do for that level of Consciousness they could have done no better. Jesus says forgive them for they do not know. So you only forgive those and ignorance so they could not have done any better so you cannot judge. You don’t try to find judgment forgiveness and letting go you find forgiveness and understanding. That’s the true way to find forgiveness another tool

Love judges in three ways. This is how it quickens. Either it allows the person to see the light of their ways and change which is good. Or it causes them to face the consequence of their actions a lot faster through cause and effect. Another words the Judgment or the perfect Justice of the universe get served a very quick. But the consequences of their actions isn’t so much a punishment but a lesson that they must overcome in order to learn and grow and stop being the way they are so they suffer or they learn. So it’s never damaging it’s always patient and learning and teaching. But the judgment is it depending on how fast they decide to learn and open their mind. So I know Trump is in trouble on that one that’s what all the love out there

And last but not least do not fear if you projected that to love that color light within your being you imagine it within yourself you are protected infinitely. Because the universe will always tell you when things are wrong or right and it will tell you when to be wearing when not to be when the tide needs to be it alert you of all the enemies moves. So imagine this love light radiating from within your being this rainbow lovelight and you are protected and there’s nothing to worry about. Trust me try it

It’s not just some fantasy. That love light represents the sources connection so therefore you connect your inner being to the source and the protection of the Universal consciousness. So there is a lot more method to this madness then you could imagine. Just try it

And to make a point to initiate cause a catalyst there’s an important step you must not miss. It must come when you see that life of love and Donald Trump you do not see Donald Trump ego and b*******. We see that the innocent life of Jesus Christ light pure Divine love is deep Within his being. Bless you love God that’s inside of him or his higher consciousness or his spirit. been

A gift to you and secret from the Sages

PS the Sages knew how to manipulate the outer Universe within themselves. This is not magic tricks. Actually Carl Jung the famous psychologist into Collective consciousness. Would mean an individual Consciousness can affect other consciousness. What does Consciousness it is energy that is stored in the 4th Dimension but reappears in the third dimension is physical matter as electrical chemical energy. Thus the physical makeup of a body and its conduit are only there to mimic intelligent energy of the soul that is connected on the fourth dimension. So this soul is also scientific as well it’s just we don’t have since stood it up instruments yet to measure such things in the future we may and it will not be spirituality even more but it will be science. Anyways there are other techniques going within and changing out but this one I’m telling you that Justice. This is been deciphered from the symbols buy me. Not to seem like a super genius or get credit but if you read my book got to be out in a month and you will see credibility what I’m writing. Geniuses out there and within everyone contains it. Anyways I can substantiate it all I mean the laws change so I can get out three months early because it was wrong. The freaking chief of police I was in there for 17 years everybody I retired was corrupt. All the cops started beating up people’t. It was very hard for me to send love to the judges that they was so much time. Anyways I’m not living in some kind of grandiose of you saying that was all because of me. But it’s possible and also there’s dozens of other times LA County Jail that kept me safe and put me in the perfect spot at the right time through love and acceptance and finding my life. I mean I experimented with this philosophy that I deciphered and taoism dozens of times and it never failed. Just make the connection and don’t forget when you watch what happens let’s do it as a whole

Another piece of wisdom when light is exposed and the truth is unveiled. And the people see as a collective there’s an automatic set of instructions which sets plays an action or cause and effect which actually causes the mistake to be righted and unjust Act to be forced to be dealt with or exposed for what it is and acted upon. So there’s a little more to this than meets the eye that when I say it exposes the truth when you spread light to him and forgive him. And if you still don’t believe me there’s physical evidence every time something is exposed it always stops it somehow at least within our country to some degree. Watergate all kinds of things. When things are left in the dark they are left to continue to happen on unchecked. So the goal of the enemy is to make sure everything is left in the dark for the truth that is their greatest asset. The worst enemy is exposure. For instance when I was in LA county jail the head chief what was under investigation by the FBI. The FBI agent wasn’t LA County Jail secretly investigating the abuse of cops on inmates. Well that the FBI tried to get their agent out of the jail and the chief lie to them. The FBI store in the jail got their agent out and exposed all the abuse. The next day I didn’t see a cop beat One inmate up for two and a half years. Heck I got elbowed in the face and put on the ground because I made a right instead of a left and one of the hallways. And I’m white so color did not matter. That’s an example of how exposure an access system which is too complicated for you to understand do cause and effect that writes the wrong and Injustice through perfect measurements.

Also more evidence a book called The Power of Prayer by Greg Braden they didn’t experiment in the Middle East where people will sit on top of a mountain and pray for love for the people on top on the bottom and within a three-month. There is pure peace. Sided experiment fact. It said that one person has the ability to affect 70,000 people with the power of the correct feeling of love. That is another fact I could stay and there’s a lot more in that book that’ll prove this point to be true as well but I just connected the dots

Anyways my interest of this started when I read the story of boddhiharma when he was brought in front of the Council of the 12 eternals who are said to be able to control the world with their mind just by sitting where they’re at. So then I went into my study and I discipline of understanding Taoism. In which of course these sages were a lot more mastered within themselves so they can control a lot more with in these towns pap. Love is just one method but I’m sure once you master within yourself there’s a lot more power to be contained. Jesus of course was the strongest of all and that’s not too advertise Christianity religion whatsoever. But even the Buddhas and the tallest and the Hindus consider Jesus the highest they just didn’t consider Christianity is following his teachings. And this is from information from a thousand BC when the Christians try to enter China the Buddhist said that the Christian didn’t even follow those teachings of Jesus but Jesus was enlightened fully. So they recognize his power and who he really is more than the Christians do. I’m just stating a fact not to judge Christians as Christians because we’re all individuals and there’s many at Christians who are enlightened. So sorry for putting anyone that category who I don’t mean to but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about