I will never understand the Hillary cultists.

I will never understand the Trump occultist

Hillary never did approved a mass killing of innocent children. She made her decisions based on a board of intelligence of our 17 intelligence agencies that gave her advice on how to make decisions and she made her best one based on that advice. I guarantee you if you were in the same situation you probably would have made the same choices. So don’t ever dare put that out there that she okayed the mass killings all these people when you have no idea what was said in that boardroom in the intelligence meetings she had with her advisors. 20/20 vision is always perfect. She has a good heart and she didn’t okay the mass killings of children this is the type of a demagogue and b******* that everybody put out there especially the enemy. The other side the ones trying to press the people to keep you from voting for Hillary. And apparently it worked for most people in the country and it’s extremely sad. You honestly think that if her advisors approved by the American people told her we’re going to kill Mass children and all you have to do is okay it that she would do it. Come on man live in reality and stop believing all the b******* and fray out there about her because it’s not true. The reality is all you guys were brainwashed into believing the b******* . A mass brainwashing of Lies and paranoia and fear . They used fear as their tool to control the people to vote for Trump the very person who is doing the very things he was accusing Hillary of . The Opposites definitely going to be true for Trump..his reckless decisions will end up getting mass amounts of children killed in other country’s and a lot of other things that you can’t even begin to understand. So before you fall into the pay for play crap that the other side has been putting out there not knowing the full extent of the information by picking and choosing bits and parts, do your real homework. Because it’s guys like you and information like that that’s put out there that’s f****** this country up. It’s bad enough our whole democratic system of election has already been violated and compromised, the very thing our Founders die for. People’s voices are being hurt because of manipulation of hacking of machines and Putin and all these other things that everyone knows happened. The very people that you talk of that she was in it with the administration and big government and pay for play are the very people that put the lie about her out there. Everything’s the exact opposite. You were all tricked duped into believing the very opposite of the side that was doing the very same thing they were accusing Hillary of. Strategy of the most evil, dark people of the world oppressing everyone in society!!

And if she was as manipulating and Evil while working for the side as everybody says, then why the f*** did she not win the election. And if that was the case she could have manipulated the results and rigged the whole thing herself but she’s not because it’s all a lie dumbasses. Use your head

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