Introduction to the knowledge that will save the world in the law of oneness


I take no credit for the knowledge contained in this book. Such understanding comes from a higher intelligence expressing itself through me. Believe me, I’m not perfect. I have suffered because of the mistakes I’ve made in my life: Drug addiction leading to jail, prison, and a couple of institutions. But I have been graced to overcome these experiences, to transcend them and reach a higher consciousness. Because the light within me has awakened the power to overcome internal and external adversity, I feel that I have a jewel to offer the world.
 When I surmounted the negative in my life, I began vibrating at a particular frequency that allowed me to receive the wisdom that the universe in its oneness has to give the world. I have chosen — or it has chosen me — to be a voice sharing the greatest gift of light with you so that we can all be on the same level in unity with the infinite mind, or Source.
 I am merely serving this higher purpose — a purpose beyond me — for the greater good of the whole. The universe has revealed its deepest secrets in the Law of Oneness. Rather than seeing this information as coming from me, though, focus on the content itself. It is a guide for those who seek Source. It will be nearly impossible to read this book without connecting on some level or another to Source, causing a deep, personal awakening.
 After your connection is made, these writings will remain as a reminder to refer to from time to time. Because the truth, once mastered, will come from Source and go beyond the revelations offered here. (My aim, by the way, isn’t to sell a ton of books to make money. Whether you buy one or not makes little difference to me. What matters is that the knowledge herein can make a difference in individual lives so the world can change for the better.)
 The book begins with the creation myth. It is my first in-depth insight into understanding universal knowledge. After that, information will be given about the basic workings of the universe in all our realities. Then you will learn the functions needed to overcome your current limited reality and embrace your true reality, a system tuned to the unique individual purpose for which you were put here. Following that, the one who decides to look deeper will be given a full set of programming instructions on perceiving the Law of Oneness.
 Oneness reality trumps all other realities, as has been proven by every great master, sage, patriarch, or matriarch — masters such as Shakyamuni, Laozi, Bodhidharma, Krishna, and Jesus himself. My set of programming instructions aims to help you overcome the false reality concepts of today that hold you back.
 In the next stage, I will explore how to communicate with Source by creative listening. This is important for one’s development, because after transformation occurs, ongoing guidance by Source will follow. This communication is vital on the journey to serve, to let go and accept the plan that is the purpose of one’s existence. This ultimately can lead to individual bliss.
 What follows then is a guide to understanding that will allow your consciousness to expand and transform the illusion of a chaotic existence into awareness of meaning and purpose. This is a big step. By allowing things to be as they are — by not impeding the universe from working its miracles in your life and thus evolving to a new and better being — you will realize your original purpose. What is perceived by this new awareness makes the connection with Source actually work. It causes genuine growth.
 The last chapter will cover the science of inner and outer realities; how inner realities relate to outer realities, and the correct view of both. This is important, because, since our whole journey is about self-realization, this is where we connect on the most personal level to the universe within ourselves. This knowledge, identifying our true self, increases self-esteem, a vital part of the process.
 The information in this book is meant for the spiritual warrior, one who is ready to take the journey. It is a calling to all beings of light to follow the instructions given by Source to achieve liberation from a world drowning in delusion. The one who decides to take this path and achieve his potential will not only gain freedom, but also bring light to the rest of the world. This is the highest purpose of all. I call upon you to be as lights in a world of darkness. Be as warriors representing Source. Help to unite the world in oneness, love, peace, and harmony!

Creation Myth
Physical and spiritual matter appear to be in opposition, but they are actually the same. Spiritual matter is the essence of the all-creative force, while physical matter is the carrier of this essence. Physical matter, like rocks, are inanimate objects that can be touched but have no biological movement. Living matter is a higher stage of the physical whose forms appear to operate on their own. Spiritual matter is awareness of being that is present in every molecule and atom in existence. It is the infinitely intelligent participant and creator of everything seen and unseen. The intelligence of this force can be compared to a brain that is infinitely huge, with the computing power of the universe. The substance of its being cannot be seen, yet the evidence of its work is observable everywhere. It is the mother and father that nurture, watch, teach, create, love, transform, and keep everything in a perfect dance movement as a harmonic, balanced expression of itself.
 Source’s objective is our growth so we can become proper vessels to express its light and eventually transcend to a higher vibration. We are to learn the universal truth of oneness so that a harmonic equilibrium can be reached in the universe, where spiritual and physical matter are not in conflict, although the only conflict is in our minds; it is not between the physical and spiritual forces themselves. As humans, we have the gift of free will to either transcend the limitations of physical reality to find unity with Source or to destroy ourselves and the world around us.
 Physical matter is completely governed by Source, without the consciousness of free will. Biological matter is the combination of awareness with physical matter, giving it consciousness and what we call life. In the perfect order of the universe, higher vibrations, or states of consciousness, govern lower ones, but are equal in that they are made of the same substance. Therefore, they can all be found within.
 In the current state of human consciousness, we are high in that order. Humanity’s purpose is to go through stages of mental and spiritual development as individuals, then connect to a purpose beyond themselves in obedience to the highest power of the universe. The resulting effects will produce the connecting force of compassion and love.
 The physical is only an expression of the indescribable essence of the all-creative force. The vessels we are and the physical realm are the learning grounds for all souls, whose common goals are to unite with Source. This force, in the past, has been called by many names — God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Eternal Buddha, Prime Creator, Nature, Atman, Tao, Great Mother, Father Spirit — yet none suffices as a true name. Source is the initiator of all; therefore, it is the most fecund intelligence in existence and, in its creativity, uses many expressions to show itself so we can get to know it more personally. It defies any definitive description; it is too vast for words. Humanity, through his successive levels of development, is constantly given the choice to operate in cooperative unity with Source or struggle in separateness, the latter producing selfish gratification by the wrong use of the sense organs.
 After time passed in creation and some matured, God created the true lights — the enlightened ones — as his children, teaching them so that one day they could be more like him and learn the laws of harmony to govern aspects of the universe in love. The way to this path was given to humanity in the past in many forms, through philosophy or spiritual and religious systems, as an attempt to bring all to the truth. Some have reached this understanding. However, many have failed to do so, because the unveiling of the wisdom of the universe has been incomplete. Summed up, that wisdom — in its purest form designed to awaken humanity to the next evolutionary stage of consciousness — is the Law of Oneness.

Chapter 1
False Reality
There are powers that govern the workings of reality based on each person’s perception of it, which is conditioned into each of us by society. The way to break free from this prison, this consensus reality, takes an ardent effort to empty one’s cup and keep an open mind to a new set of rules — rules that are the key to forming a healthier reality. Once this new set of rules is in play, there will be an internal power struggle resisting the desire to break free from the old reality. This is where one must remain iron-willed in the face of all challenges, and thus gain ground and win power within the newly formed reality.
 There are many dimensions to the working forces of the universe. The one I am about to share with you is derived from ancient Toltec, Mayan, and Indian shamanistic systems, going as far back as the Egyptian pyramids themselves and, possibly, farther. This research has allowed me to compile enough data to unlock the door to another dimension as a way to understand the universe.
 People who live in preprogrammed societies known as false reality often unknowingly close their minds to the creative force. This false reality is created through a collective knowledge propagated by the majority of the people, which ultimately shapes the reality most of us experience. That preprogrammed experience is a complete lie. It has caused many errors in the world we live in today. This lie has been passed down for millennia, from generation to generation, father to son, mother to daughter, and so on. The programming starts from the moment a child is born into the world, instilled in him or her by society. Most people are completely unaware of this, so what is wrong is not in question.
 Because this conditioning blinds them from seeing the truth, they find it difficult to recognize when they are living by a set of rules that predestines them to fail, even though it appears success has been achieved. This system has been ingrained into their minds through media, TV, family, friends, and all aspects of life, creating an automatic conditioned response. These bombardments are constantly at work from the moment one wakes up until one sleeps. It is a program built into the mind by agreed-upon laws about the way we should think, feel, and respond when such and such happens; indeed, everything about life.
 The church has had a great influence on society as well. One way it has done this is through belittling the balance of equal unity between feminine and masculine. This imbalance has led to many wars, deaths, and suffering in the world. This is because most men have suppressed via religious and/or emotional conditioning the loving, caring, and compassionate energy aspects embodied by the feminine. Society has created a set of rules governing the principles of reality on how to feel and what kind of perceptions to have about everything, including God. They have suppressed sexuality instead of creating a route to express and direct it properly. The repression of our strongest physical/emotional force has led to sexual misconduct among priests, nuns, and countless others in the world, and what is important to the idea of what society calls facing reality. It goes into every idea, and nothing is missed. All this happens because of a reality the majority has agreed to, one that is not true.
 Most of us live in that false reality. Perhaps you have had the thought, “Hmmm, there has got to be more to life than this.” Well, I’m here to tell you there is — beyond anything you could imagine. If you are wondering that, you have not found the purpose of your being. And how could you, with a reality that takes you away from your true nature?
 The ones who thrive in and draw support from the false wave pattern start from the bottom and work their way up in it, from average citizens to law enforcers, district attorneys, people from the media, priests, people from churches, lawyers, politicians, senators, congressmen, and government officials to the president himself, as well as any unrecognized, behind-the-scenes super-powerful who are blindly following and empowering a program they have been taught as children. These people are in those positions because they have mastered, and have been better at identifying with, the reality that matches the false reality of the whole. Within this reality, the majority have used the democratic system of elections to place in power those who best reflect their belief systems, which are based on a false perception of reality. This system of thought has only continued the suffering in a mass delusion of justification of what is deemed right and wrong. Politicians do the dirty work for this. The only way they cover more breakdowns in the system is through more justification. To change the rules and perception of their reality will immediately strip them of the power they so dearly love and the positions they occupy.
 The problem with the current false-reality milieu is that it leads to one of two inevitable conditions: Living according to the delusion of division that ends with society’s destruction, or changing in the face of errors to a unity of purpose. Time and again, it has been shown throughout history that when the balance is tipped to inequality, whether it be religious, Democrat, Republican, capitalist, or communist, it is bound to fail. That mode means living in a world of division, where the law of domination — “only the strong survive” — and self, have become more important than the whole. In that perception, the sayings, “Only the strong survive,” “Dog eat dog,” “You got to do what you got to do to survive,” are what have been accepted as what people call “facing reality.” The good news is that, from this point on, you do not have to accept this as your reality just because most people do! To decline accepting their reality as truth is called changing the program.
 When I say accept, I mean that one, as an individual, does not have to adopt others’ beliefs as your own reality, although you must acknowledge the right of those who choose it as theirs. To deny the false reality for yourself means not having to live in a land of domination, but in a place of equal unity, where harmony survives; where true strength, happiness, satisfaction, and contentment become possible. This is where working together for the benefit of all as a single unit consisting of many parts and loving-kindness is seen for what it is — strength, not weakness. In this reality, the attitude “I got to get mine first” does not survive. A society based on selfless unity through oneness not only survives long-term, but also works for the benefit of the individual and the whole.
 Seeking domination separates man from his true nature with God. The higher goal and intent practiced by man creates oneness. Adam and Eve are symbols for when humanity broke unity with Source. Disobeying God and eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge resulted in our shift to a lower vibration, the condition in which we find ourselves today. In his current form, man is still slated to learn through experience the knowledge of good and evil. This will inevitably lead him to breaking the delusion of division in physical reality. When that is broken, he will not be in bondage to his five senses, and will be in service and obedience to the higher self, God, and all souls.
 In Taoism, man and God were one until the time of the great separation. Everything and everyone lived in peace and harmony with one another until they forgot and lost their way. Even the mythological city of Atlantis, where God and humanity lived as one in harmony, lasted only until, somewhere along the line, most became lost to the mesmerizing power of the physical realm of reality and neglected their cooperative unity with Source. After this, they lost sight of their purpose — maintaining oneness with God. Whether you believe in Atlantis or the Adam and Eve story or not, it’s obvious that at some historic point of separation, humanity lost its way, followed by the destruction of sacred teachings that had been given to help people return to the light.
 This is what has resulted in the replication of lies from generation to generation, like a cancer left unchecked.
Warrior of Light
In order to change the delusion of reality, one must become a warrior of light — not a physical one, but a spiritual one. A physical warrior can only conquer the physical. A spiritual warrior conquers by uniting the physical, spiritual, and mental as one. Before you can start changing the reality of the world around you, you must first win the war of your own reality.
 Let’s start off by explaining the fundamentals of this knowledge. As was said, we all live according to a set of rules we have accepted that makes up our reality. It’s our perception and understanding of the world around us. The strength of one’s belief system is only as strong as one’s ability to remain faithful to the reality one has agreed to. The reality we experience today is shaped by the influence of the millions of people around us who collectively have the same perceptions and acceptance of the power structure that manifests itself in everything we see. To overcome this reality, people must alter their perceptions of the world and change their ideas as a whole. Once a new base is established, to become stronger, we individually must win upcoming battles of power. Battles challenge keeping one’s word about the reality you are trying to create. The more impeccable you are regarding your word, the more power you have. By impeccable, I mean acting and thinking with the purest, the most honest understanding and intent.
 But first, in order to do this, people must unlearn everything bred into them since birth. Unlearning opens one’s mind to learning new things, basically allowing the self to change the way it perceives everything in the old reality. The better you can learn, through rigorous awareness of your thoughts, to change to this new reality, the more effective it will be in your life’s progression. To make this succeed, you will have to alter all your normal, everyday routines and perceptions to fit the reality you are creating. By adhering to these new rules and changing the way you think, like the relation of a worm to a sentient being, you can manipulate reality to perceive what the real significance of the world is in connection to everything. This may change your perception of cause and effect in ways you’ve never thought possible.
 To condition yourself to be impeccable, you must continuously check yourself when your thoughts go back to the old programmed ways. This strict adherence to the new reality is what allows you to win the power through battles needed to break free like a soldier of light. When enough people’s perceptions completely change to the new reality with impeccable assurance, the universe will acclimate itself and begin to operate in that reality. If they have not changed every aspect of their lives to live by this reality, it will not work.
The Warrior’s Path
Because we are ever-changing (evolving and developing consciously), when we are done with one challenge, another one comes along to help us develop further. This is a path for those who are true seekers. Many are not up to it because of this alone. It is the path of the warrior who chooses to take on his destiny. Hard as it may seem, the reward of gaining knowledge, power, and soul development is worth it. The ultimate reward is finding perfect attunement (kingdom of heaven within) and having all burdens lifted with a remaining yoke that is light and easy. But the journey to reach this level is filled with plenty of dragons and traps along the way. These are only areas that need to be consciously worked on. They are delusions of the mind that need overcoming. One can cop out of this transformation and live a stagnant, decaying, never-growing, unsatisfactory life. It’s your choice: Live the life of spiritual oppression or take on the challenge and reach higher planes.
Battles of Power
All this is not as simple as it sounds. Along the way in your journey to break free from the reality of the prison in which you live, resistance will come from opposing forces through battles of power testing your impeccability in the new system of reality and by people who’ve been a part of the opposing collective reality. This happens when you threaten the system they’ve accustomed themselves to for so long. Their universe will challenge those opposing their false reality in equal temptation, which means it is not beyond one’s ability or potential to overcome. This is an attempt to violate the integrity and structure of the new reality you are trying to create. If you were to fail in these battles, then some power in the reality you want will lessen, and you will move back to the reality you are trying to escape. The temptations are only challenges testing one’s ability to remain impeccable. How deeply committed you are will determine how quickly and how many battles you will have to win to break from their old reality and adopt the new.
 There are battles happening between realities, especially the stronghold of the collective reality, to break free from and reach true guidance regarding life’s purpose. The collective reality has the power to influence thought and emotions as if one were enslaved by an unseen force that can be sensed but not logically identified. This force (delusional programming) is real. It is the root cause of all suffering happening in the world since the fall of man. When someone attempts to break free from the false reality, the system will meet this with resistance by strategically trying to regain the power it has lost in previous battles. Each temptation, or battle for power, to force you back into the old system will be a fight you will have to win in order to impose your will over the false programming of the collective. In order to do this, the impeccability of one’s actions and thought processes must follow the system that governs the new reality, or ultimate reality. The path in the beginning will not be easy, but with each success, there is always a little joy and freedom from within to be found. This is the beautiful and exquisitely wonderful journey of discovery. It will break the mental bondage created from a delusional world and thrust you into a free state of consciousness. There you will find freedom from the prison of the mind; freedom from slavery caused by the false programming.
 To engage in the inner battle is to take on the warrior’s journey of the individual expression of Source, from which everyone comes. This means to become a warrior of light. Many decide not to undertake such a journey because of the fear of change and the relative comfort of accommodating a flawed system for so long. This is what is known to most as “facing reality,” or accepting an unfair world, as what is the norm. Anything different threatens to break up that system. Because their reality is based on the limited perception of the five senses, many people stop themselves from going to the next level of consciousness. This fear also stems from the ability to let go and allow Source to work in your life, instead of trying to control the outcome. In fact, a plan has already been set in place for each one of us. To think contrarily is an error that will cause most to believe they can control events, only to fail in the end.
 The warrior’s path is difficult, but progressing along it is well worth it. Change of any sort, whether it be good or bad, requires one to face the fear of trying something new and be willing to feel uncomfortable at first until transformation happens. As a warrior, one will face many battles to become free and, through one’s acting impeccably, become strong enough to be able to radiate an energy that influences other people’s realities as well. This is something that benefits not only oneself, but others just as much. It can be considered cooperative development.
 Belief at its core is the substance that binds and changes reality to a different perception. Belief is a word that is highly underrated for the power it has, as well as the multidimensional effect it has on reality. When changing a perception of, or understanding about, reality, one’s actions and thoughts should parallel one another. This strengthens faith and knowledge, which increases belief. To simply say “I believe” is not enough, unless your whole being reflects it. The subconscious (soul) development must come to agreement in obedience to the higher self. There is an energy pathway that goes from the mind to the subconscious and on to the higher self. These three must have no obstructions if we are to clear the way to manifest reality. Once the conscious and subconscious are in alignment, the belief becomes a reality. The subconscious needs repetitious programming. As more battles are won, a foundation is created by gaining knowledge, which consequently increases confidence and faith. As one’s perception changes to fit the new reality in everything done in thought and action by winning battles, the more power to break free comes into play. The battles will usually go against false perceptions. Always try to be aware of your thoughts and actions. This will give you strength in the face of a delusional subconscious programming system. As we are all mostly on cruise control, most of the time we are largely not even aware of what we are truly doing.
 The transformation of the subconscious is a process that takes constant reflection and gives awareness with all its preprogrammed control. This practice will keep one mindful in changing subconscious perceptions so that one’s impeccability becomes flawless. One can feel when the system of the mind, subconscious — or soul — and the higher self, align. There will be a focused balance of nonconflicting feelings to the new perceptions. Even if you do not feel like taking a right action, contrary to your old beliefs, you should act it out anyway. When someone decides to do this when they normally wouldn’t, it gives them the most power to win battles. This will be going against the grain of past conditioned reality. Over time, it becomes natural to you. It will not be a battle then, although you will not gain anything if it were not a challenge.
 In the beginning of your journey, the battles will go against your feelings because of the agreements held in the current reality. Once the scales are tipped, the feeling will start changing to be in line with the reality created. The battles of power will be equally tempting in one’s ability to fight them. This depends on your current state of development. They will never be too hard, but always a challenging match. You can fight them by doing something right, especially when you ordinarily wouldn’t, and it gives you the most power to transform. One example of this could be studying scripture in biblical text. Or if one were to meditate or get clear of a destructive habit. That person will be tested (battle of power) by the program they are trying to bring into their reality. As one who studies the Bible, we know that often what is professed in words to someone in person or witnessed, will soon appear as its opposite as a temptation to see if the talk is in line with the walk.
 For instance, a married man might say to somebody, “It is a sinful act of adultery, looking at another woman in lust.” You can bet that a very enticing woman soon will come into his life to see if the person speaking this reality is strong enough to follow it himself.
 Gautama Buddha, or Shakyamuni Buddha, also known as the founder of Buddhism, won significant battles of power to clear away the ignorance of the false realities themselves, reaching perfect enlightenment to ultimate reality. He transcended the ignorance of the world that created a reality of suffering through desire, greed, and attachment. Shakyamuni overcame this false reality himself before he became a vessel to express universal light. He overcame the world, creating a path that imposed a great force transcending time and space as we know it. This path was paved for all who choose to follow it — a program that relieves suffering and brings happiness free from the bondages of worldly delusion. His perception of reality was strong because it was in sync with the universal law of compassion and equality.
 After six years of spiritual search and exploring the meaning of his suffering on Earth, Shakyamuni achieved enlightenment. He was a successful warrior of light who was willing to sit under a bodhi tree and starve until he reached what he was looking for. He meditated, and while each battle was won in his mind, as were all battles, he overcame the delusional programming of his psyche, conquering the false programming of the world and creating a new one — or, more accurately, reawakening an ancient, eternal one.
 Shakyamuni won battles against the false reality that claims happiness is found externally, and so he gave up all his worldly possessions to win that reality. He lived as a hermit and remained impeccable to the point of being willing to die to reach truth. He let go of the attachments the false realities saw as valuable while winning enough internal battles and creating a path through his impeccability for others to follow and reach nirvana. Because his reality was in accordance to the universal Law of Oneness, it trumped the suffering caused by the other realities.
Complete Program to Make Reality Work
As true knowledge is gained, bit by bit, an awakened state of consciousness starts to grow inside. It’s like sparkles of light appearing amid the darkness of the false sense of reality we’ve been living in for so long. The problem is that when pieces of truth are gained, there is a desire to know more to fill in the blanks to other questions that arise, consciously or unconsciously. This desire comes because truth is not complete unto itself, needing a full injection of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to be completed. The reality of the Law of Oneness contradicts the false ones. The false reality of the world today is replete with every misperception possible while being honed for millennia to a scientific and precise understanding of that world. Because most people have been programmed to accept this reality, many find it easier to give up trying to find answers and go back to what they already know. Their reality causes much conflict within, with a pervasive sense of incompleteness.
 There will never be any true satisfaction there. To truly find peace in the heart, one must complete their understanding of truth in life. When true reality becomes complete in all your being, you will find an internal peace never experienced before, accompanied by the confidence of fully knowing who you are. This journey will help one get in touch with the deepest part of their being. The words on these pages will point you toward having this experience. To complete the truth within oneself, one must become impeccable regarding the law. As you build through experience a completion of truth, a full program becomes operational in your life. The base of knowledge will grow, as battles of power are won in the reality that trumps all other realities. This journey requires you to battle and defeat your inner monsters.

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