“If she wants to go to Afghanistan and build 1,000 schools for girls, she could do that.

No you just don’t get it you were manipulated and Duke and tricked into believing all that b******* about her. Nothing you said can be substantiated just like the emails a bunch of crock. You only believe what you want to believe not the reality. I’m not that easily duped and I’m pretty intelligent. I’ve actually done my research and found out the opposition but all that bull crap out there to keep you from voting for her because she’s a complete threat to the Republicans and the elite. Why because she’s smart and can see past b******* and is very well connected and they all knew it and they knew that she got in there it would been the end of them. All that information you say that she did look at all the details don’t just pick and choose what you think is true and do your research

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