The Magnificent Martyrdom of Hillary Clinton
Alice McKeon

Omg… that was such a beautiful article. It brought tears to my eyes because I love that woman so much. She is so brilliant kind-hearted and giving and it tore me up to see the media crucify her like they did. I knew from the beginning all that corruption stuff was just a ploy given off by the other party to scare people into voting for her . I trust her 100% she’s the opposite of corruption and would have helped everyone in the country . She was the perfect person for the position no one couldn’t match. Even Obama admitted that. And I don’t care what future president comes whether it’s Bernie or anyone else I prefer her over there any day that week or any future president. I don’t believe anyone will ever match the qualifications and the heart she had to become president and truly help our country. She was exactly what we needed. But I guess the mentality of the majority mimic Trump. So now they’re going to pay the price. I still 100% of my heart believe she won and that those machines and the polls were manipulated. And I could never and I mean never accept the results of the election and I won’t. Thank you for that article I helped release a lot of pain I have in my heart about what happened and the corruption thank you!!! And you know what I’m going to make sure I send this article all my tweets. You know why at first I was trying to avoid dividing my crowd up because they know I like Hillary. Why because I’m about to get a book published and I didn’t want to divide my profits and half by those who voted for Trump. But you know what I don’t give a s*** anymore I’m tweeting it out to my four thousand followers + followers. My Facebook and everywhere else martyrdom of Hillary Clinton. Our queen of the country my queen forever.

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