Thank you CIA and FBI and intelligence agencies for finally getting on Donald Trump

Thank you at FBI CIA and all 17 intelligence agencies for finally digging in and doing your investigation about Trump and hIs ties with Russia and what happened to our democracy. Only then can we get back to the real America. Maybe return the election. Now unlike last time you did a little investigation and stopped. That was taken advantage of by the administration. This time you cannot stop you have to go full force at Donald Trump until he’s taken over do. not let off of your reach do not let your hand off of him. Until he’s squashed!! Because if you do not get the evidence to get him, which by the way our whole democracy is depending on it. Than all of you who are Republicans in the intelligence agencies won’t see another Republican office and this time of your life. The only way to win American back is for this to happen. Otherwise America could be lost for a long time.