Trump’s strategy to hide his involvement with Russia

How can trump the very person be involved in an investigation that involves.him???? Its like giving jeffery dommer all the power to confide in the investigaters investigating him and telling them to cover up his crimes or to stop looking into his involvement with his murders. That’s a set system. They have to completely remove trump from the equation and investigate without his involvement because he will sabatage the investigation against him to vere people away from what really happened. and hes hiring a cabinet that will help him do just that.

What is going on with this everyone to scared to stand up because if u dont i guarantee you that you will be stomped repeatedly with no mercy..and by that time you want have the power to defend yourself. Its a critical.point of power shifting right now between the people and our apparently laim duck.government who is two pussy to take trump to jail and charge him with espionage. I guess you will see now the cause.and.effext.of.your innactiom.

And when they do.inevitably find.out the election was hacked…compromised they are going to sensitive information and hide it away if they do find the truth…this is Trump’s next strategy

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