AWARD — Banana Boat Brief

The brief required a design for Banana Boat’s SPF 50+ sunscreen. It is to be advertised as a poster/outdoor billboard. The ad needed to appeal to “outdoorsy” people and encourage them to spend more time in the sun.

The Rationale

  • I chose surfing as the subject as it is a love of a large portion of Australia’s demographic. Surfing being a water based sport also conveys that the sunscreen is water resistant.
  • “40 Seconds to apply / 4 hours of fun” was used to highlight a feature of the product and show the simplistic application process. It is also displayed in a splatter of sunscreen to show the product itself.
  • “After a long day of surfing…the only thing that should be cooked is the steaks”. It is a pun for being sun safe — not being cooked in the sun.
Banana Boat SPF 50+ Design Idea — By Jess Zappia
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