Fell in love with art,
The aura of an artist.
Fell in love with personality, 
Knowing a person personally.
Fell in love with words,
Which broke my boundaries.
Beauty of falling for you, was beautiful.

Believing the things,
Breaking the boundaries,
Which bothered me before.
Bits of you became my world,
Not falling for every bit of you,
Became a tuff trail.

Late night talks,
Laughing under the luminous stars,
kept us awake.
Cuddling on calls, 
Carried both of us,
Miles away in minutes.
Till the mornings made music.

Chipping chaps,
Misty moods,
Made us close.
Where i still ask myself everyday,
listing it everytime!
Is this the reason why you feel for him!?

My heart struggling to summarise, 
Brain bent behind thousands of thoughts,
Both having no clue, 
Yet they conclude.

You are done darling, 
Deal with the depth now.
It's love, The sea you sailing in.

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