by me

Crappy Poem

James Estrella III

My favorite color is orange

I hate it when i get hit with a syringe

The general populous of school is deception

It gives me a crazy, scandalous perception

I sneezed

You think that would make my great pappy pleased?

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Man I wish this poem would end

Maybe it would if my brains blew

Oh sh-oot

I forgot my flute

Maybe using my creativity I’ll be able to troubleshoot

I feel like saying once more the word shoot

So shoot

I enjoy falling like a my great aunt sal enjoys her wife

Well maybe with Fuhrer Trump she’ll go to the afterlife


Wow that’s a long word that rhymes with piss

This little piece of shit is growing long

Maybe it would be better as a song


Hell no, that’s a worse idea than the 1950’s idea of homosexuality

So I feel like I should run away to the Marines

I don’t care if my family cries some of them are from the phillipines.

This is actually a cry for help

I don’t know which restaurant to go to and I already looked at the reviews on yelp

Eminem once said

With the long breath i bet


He didn’t use the armenian alphabet

Now imma bout to be racist

Shut up and don’t be an elitist

The Italians once said bibidy bobbidy boop

When I said that to vinny he kicked me out to the stoop

God save the queen

Cause if not she’ll be supercalifragulisticexpeadlidouscoiusly mean

Au revoir


I think I know how to make this poem worse

Cause I’m kinda hoping someone out there will curse

I know!


That’s a little egoist

But moist

Water bottle is great for pop

I get all mine from a Chinese sweatshop


I have a friend who’s a collector of internal revenue

I honestly hate to rhyme

It’s a waste of my

You thought I was going to say time

Haha that was sly

I hope you hated this crappy poem

I was told to do this by my teacher

And to everyone I decided to show em

This horrible little feature.