Jesuis Laplume
Jun 21 · 1 min read

What humans are starting to learn is that, before the universe even started to come into reality, there was Pure information (dimensionless as numbers are dimensionless) and only then did Energy and finally matter come into being. Several researchers into ‘all that is’ were simultaneously given that name of Pure Information; but we can choose a more common name; Spirit.

Before Energy and then matter came into being, Spirit already IS!

Both Energy and matter were guided into being from Spirit.

Most humans only grudgingly turn to Spirit; while those who are learning to become spiritual find ways to give Spirit its proper place.

As a Science type who spent a lot of time on space-borne systems, had a hobby of Astronomy, then learned some Philosophy, it took me most of a long lifetime to understand that Energy/matter is an outcome, as well as a tool used by Spirit in the processes of evolving spirituality. The Energy/matter realm is a very useful tool that we use as we use as we turn out of Fear and towards the Love and Peace that we experience as we become spiritual.

We have been largely taught that the cart comes before the horse; try that sometime and find out how poorly that arrangement works! First there was Spirit, then Energy and then matter (with a few important components a part of the process). It sure works way better when we put the horse before the cart and Spirit leads the way! LoL