I lost my #100DaysOfCode streak… and my computer

This is an update from my last post

Image by Fachdozent

A week ago, the motherboard of my computer stopped working. And to make it worse, the capacitors of the screen were failing since December, and in the same day they died. So at that moment I only had my keyboard and a borrowed mouse.

That left me with a bitter feeling. You never know when machines will fail, I always told myself. So I did many backups and alternative plans but suddenly, I found a point in my systems that could fail (the computer) and I don’t have the resources to buy another.

And it broke. Every plan or system I build did not matter after I lost it. That’s what I was thinking around a week ago, after making a really good progress coding and in college.

So, after three or four hours complaining and fretting, I thought of all those self-improvement and self-help articles and books I read and how much they suck. Unconsciously, I calm down a bit and then I made lists of “things to do” of the house. I followed the list and cleaned my room and part of the house, put everything I should have thrown in the trash and organized almost everything.

Many written documents of that genre can be summarized in simple steps as:

  • Calm down
  • Realize of your current situation
  • Plan
  • And act.

Look for mentors, resources, knowledge, or start learning, programming, reading, writing, marketizing, they are all part of those two last steps. You’re the only one who can make them happen.

On Monday I received another computer. A borrowed one, again. But it doesn’t matter because one day I will have my own, won with my effort. I just need to follow the plan.