Family con Carne

‘This chilli tastes so good darling we should get next door round’.

Terry always liked to invite people round, he was much the inviter in the relationship. Agatha smiled

‘I think , for now, we should just keep this between us’

Agatha didn’t turn around

‘It tastes so good. I just want to be world to know how good it tastes’

Agatha didn’t turn around

‘The last time you made it I pretty much thought it couldn’t be bettered’

Agatha didn't turn around

‘Maybe call the kids and tell them to come over and join us for lunch’

Agatha turned around

‘They are binging on Netflix and it’s likely we won’t see them again. There’s so much content on there, people forget who they are’

‘I think you are exaggerating a little. Call the kids. I would love to see them.’

‘No’ snapped Agatha.

Terry stood up. Picked up the phone.

‘Please don’t do that’ sighed Agatha

Terry called his son. The chilli con carne started to vibrate and a muffled sound came out of the chilli pot.

‘For fucks sake’ Terry sighed ‘not again’

Agatha shrugged.

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