Mongy Dick

Moby had a brother. Sure he was a whale too. Of course he swam about being a whale and that, doing what whales do best.

There was no resentment. Mongy was happy for Moby. Good luck he thought. I like books, so I can’t wait to read it.

Moby winked and went off to appear in a book. Like a cocky twat.

‘God speed’ barked Mongy (Yes whales bark)

Instantly Mongy was alone. The water felt colder without Moby next to him but that fine. That’s life he thought.

A few whale weeks later Mongy was hanging out by some coral. Out of nowhere, appeared a wondrous female. She was smiley, fast and had a good pair of eyes.

‘Hello’ she said

‘Hello’ said Mongy

‘You fancy swimming with me for a bit?’

‘Sure’ said Mongy.

Weeks past and they swam the oceans like Moby didn’t exist. Laughing, talking, listening and eating a fuck tonne of whatever whales eat.

The time felt infinite and safe.

‘This is nice’ said Moby

The nameless female whale winked.

Oh Christ. Mongy’s brain started to feel funny. What was this? He couldn’t work it out. Days passed but he sensed something.

‘Your dick isn’t big enough and I want someone way more attractive’ she said.

She smiled and swam off.

Mongy sat still in the ocean.