What is jogging?

On the surface it seems an inexcusably easy question to answer

‘Jogging is the act of running badly in a public place wearing clothes you usually would not be seen dead in’

However, is there a more sinister edge to this loved pastime?

Frankly, I am not sure. Neither do I particularly care. People can do what they want. Good luck to them.

Personally, I would rather trap my Crown Jewels between two pieces of wood than put on some Lycra and pounce about.

Sure you want to get fit so you live longer.

Fine. I get that, I even commend you for it.

However, statistically I will live longer than at least 45% of all joggers.

I have no reason to pick that percentage apart from the fact that I could. Similar , in many ways to ones decision to go jogging.

Maybe that’s what jogging is. A pure expression of choice. A soulless wonder less act that in some way feels the gaping void that is your soul.

Or it’s something you really enjoy doing and it helps you.

That’s cool too.

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