Men & Fear of Intimacy, Women & Fear of Desire
Emma Lindsay

I’m straight and have been in a non-monogamous relationship for about 10 months and I think the fact the only girls I’ve had any form of sex with, aside from my parter, in those 10 months, being 2 lesbians, is a testament to the truth in what you are saying.

I consider myself and most I meet agree, to be a fairly masculine guy but I also have no fear of intimacy or expressing my yearn for it. It makes the sex so much better when your guard is down.

Plus, if yours is down, I guess it’s a lot easier for your partners to be, too… Which is a little ironic. I mean, really, if a girl is already attracted to you and she feels comfortable, how can you not end up having some type of sexual relation?? Which is the opposite to a lot of that marcho bullshit approach, to trying to get into a girls pants.

Anyway, great article! I enjoyed the read.

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