Winning 100% of Relationships, 100% of The Time

Relationships can be scary. From the first date, or even the first encounter with a saucy potential suitor. It seems like a door opens to a gauntlet of judgements, like no other anthropogenic trial. Like you’re thrown on a stage under a spotlight, blasting a blindingly unflattering light on all those nagging insecurities…

That could be a mild over-dramatisation but being deemed unworthy, when you’re looking for desire, is a fear many people I’ve known have.

The why is a little strange to me, though. You like the person, sure. They may have a great ass, a wardrobe full of alphanumerically, filed jazz records and a passion for serving you culinary, Italian delicacies… Y’know, if you’re into that, give due gratitude. If the smooth jazz is setting your mood to anxious breakdown and pasta gives you stomach pain, don’t pretend you like it, just for the ass!

Even if the ass is all you want, there is nothing wrong with that! Just save a few casualties in cupids red zone and be honest about it! Be your self. From the first conversation you have with the person. Be you. Uncensored, uninhibited, you.

100% YOU, 100% of the time!

“But I’m batshit crazy! I’ll scare the shit out of cunts, no one can handle me at 100%!”

There is someone who can. Wasting time on people who can’t, is a disservice to your inner child. The part of you achin’ to be set free! If you’re looking for anything with more substance than a drunken one night bang, being comfortable enough to be 100% you, should be the bare minimum.

Not only will it be so much more liberating for you, the beauty of being 100% you, means dating becomes a lot more efficient. You’ll know from date one, exactly if you’re compatible. Instead of 6 months down the line, after you’ve finally weaned your partner onto 70% And it’s already getting stressful…

When you don’t compromise who you are, the people that stick around will be the ones worth your time… And if they’re not being 100% with you, well… That’s their problem.