GUADEC + GNOME community

Earlier this year, I did some coding together with Alberto Ruiz and Luis de Bethencourt and they talked to me about a conference with a nice community and some good stuff. I know them enough to listen, not only because they are not the kind of people who do hype-talk or follow trends but their experience as well.

Therefore, got my ticket and accommodation for GUADEC, in Manchester, after checking the amazing talks. I wanted to know more about GNOME project and being in an annual conference where the community are about to discuss the next steps or what happened to this or that seemed a really good idea.

Did my train journey, got to the venue and then the GUADEC started for me.

Manchester University (the venue) — checked in with my newcomer distinction (orange spot)

Alberto was a big help during the conference for me, as a newcomer I did not know many of the developers there, he introduced me to most of them. Also, there was a lunch for newcomers where I could meet different range of people, from amazing newcomers to members of GNOME board.

Let me say I have been in different conferences and meetups but the initial welcoming and nice chatting with GNOME community is rare to see, based on my experience.

After the talks, there were different activities, one could join a Manchester tour, sports and dinners. During the dinners, I could meet Emmanuele Bassi, Matthias Clasen, Alexander Larsson and many others. Different conversations — a good one to remember is the approach for a global solar energy sustainability.

I had done the schedule for the talks I wanted to go for the remaining days. I could learn a lot from the talks and from the conversations in the breaks. Among the talks, an interesting one, given I have been coding in NodeJS recently, is Modern JavaScript in GNOME by Philip Chimento.

So my experience at GUADEC made me realize that the GNOME project is amazing. Its community is one of the best ones, together with Rust’s. The healthy transparency about the process, different part of the project, basically people willing to do (and actually doing) something nice and doing it in an open, proper and serious way.

Thanks GUADEC 2017!

P.S.: See you at Almería

GUADEC 2017, Manchester

Talks videos of the conference

Jakub Steiner’s video of the GUADEC

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