Pathway at Cajas National Park, Ecuador

This story was written while riding a bus through the Andes on February 2018

Yes, life changes very quickly. A couple of months ago I was still waking up early, preparing coffee and getting ready for the first meeting of the day.

As some of you might know, my girl and I quit our jobs, sold everything (except for a couple of bikes, a laptop and a camera) and started travelling South America.

I’ve been meaning to publish my thoughts on Medium for a while now. What finally made me press the “Publish” button was an article by Hardik Pandya on, in which he considers ways Airbnb can address the vulnerabilities of the travel planning process. If you care about user experience and travel, it’s a must read.

He outlined the problems with travel planning and how frustrating and time-consuming it actually is.

I wanted to shout out loud while reading Hardik’s article. Hopefully this will explain why.

Hardik originally wrote (about travel planning):

  • It was really time consuming and overwhelming jumping…

Jesus Coto

Strategic Designer / Running a Startup studio from the oldest city in Europe @TheBranx / CEO Muylocal / former Head of Brand & Design @TourRadar

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