ADN Report Top 6 Iconic ICOs.

ADN exists to protect investments and spur top blockchain projects. In this blog, we discuss 6 of the most memorable ICOs in history.

ADN is a blockchain-based platform that exists to improve the cryptocurrency industry by protecting initial coin offering (ICO) investments and spurring developers to create projects that can improve the world as we know it.

In over a decade’s time, we have already witnessed many cryptocurrencies come and go. At the same time, many personalities have emerged and vanished.

As the community continues to grow in number every day, we feel that it is important to recall some…

ADN Security Alert

ADN is an investor protection platform that focuses on initial coin offering (ICO) security. We aim to help improve the crypto and blockchain industry through our services. We believe that blockchain technology is one of the most innovative and helpful solutions today. The blockchain community teems with good people who have noble intentions. But not all people are good, and not all use blockchain for good reasons.

Recently, we received numerous reports about a suspicious entity who has been using ADN to trick people into sending them ETH. …

ADN Highlights: Our 2019 Year in Review
ADN Highlights: Our 2019 Year in Review

ADN has had a blast this 2019. As we bid goodbye to this year, we celebrate the good times and learn from the challenges for a bullish 2020.

2019 is a memorable year for the ADN team, as this is the year when we have formally begun our operations. We embraced the challenges that are experienced by startups in the blockchain industry, especially that the market has just warmed away the chills of the 2018–2019 crypto winter.

Looking back at how ADN began its organization and its operation, we can dare say that it has been a great year regardless…

ADN: Solving Blockchain Challenges for Enterprises.
ADN: Solving Blockchain Challenges for Enterprises

Blockchain technology is disrupting businesses, although some of them struggle with its adoption. ADN suggests solutions to these challenges.

As the digital world evolves with different technologies converging to provide solutions for tomorrow, we see many challenges that are being resolved and gaps that are being bridged. Things that we didn’t imagine possible today are now too common for us to even notice and appreciate without a little nudging from the past.

Nevertheless, many companies still struggle in adapting to these technologies, including blockchain.

7 Industries Most Impacted by Blockchain.

ADN believes that blockchain technology is helping many industries to provide better services to users. Read how blockchain is doing so in this blog.

With the introduction of various technologies, we have come to witness various industries transform in their overall processes. Blockchain technology, a decade-old innovation introduced through cryptocurrencies, is helping these industries with their quest for improved functions and systems.

In fact, it has already revolutionized various sectors aside from banking and P2P payments. …

4 Technologies Adopting Blockchain Today
4 Technologies Adopting Blockchain Today

Today, there are many technologies that utilize blockchain’s features, including BaaS and cybersecurity. Learn about them in this ADN blog.

Over the years, blockchain technology has become associated with a number of other technologies as it complements their field of focus, goals, and purpose. Some of these are decades-old innovations, while some are just beginning to gain media attention.

Regardless, we at ADN are astounded at how blockchain has proven to go well with these technologies to usher in a more innovative future. This is mainly due to its decentralized and immutable properties. …

Photo: Freedom in Christ Ministries

This was originally published on July 26, 2018 at Our Makati. Click here to read the original piece.

During the Pride March, a motley crew of individuals stole the spotlight with their peculiar signages expressing their apology on Christians’ behalf for condemning the LGBT community. One read “I’m sorry” while another assured them that Jesus didn’t condemn them.

On June 30, 2018, we saw the culmination of the Pride Month at Marikina Sports Center. Appropriately named Pride March, the parade attracted heaps of people, supporters, and detractors alike.

This was originally published on November 3, 2016, at the Nuha Foundation website. Click here to read the original piece.

There have been a lot of studies conducted about the importance of art to education. Some of them sought to prove that those students who got involved in drama clubs, musicals, and other art clubs, scored better at their academics; other studies showed that it doesn’t make a difference, but it doesn’t matter because being part of these activities help the students mature emotionally, socially, and psychologically.

I am not certain of the educational and societal climate in other countries…

Photo: AFP/Philippe Lopez

This piece was originally published on November 23, 2013 at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click here to read the original piece.

This is not a piece for the suffering Visayan people; it will take long before their power supply is restored. This isn’t meant to criticize the government for its sluggish operation; I doubt this will reach its officials’ eyes and ears, or help in any way. Neither is this for those who are so quick to insult the government; they probably have contributed far more than I, and to pick on them would be very hypocritical and heartless of…

4 cryptocurrency trends
4 Cryptocurrency trends in 2020

From IEO and emerging altcoins to the ICO Wallet, ADN Coin predicts cryptocurrency trends in 2020 that you should watch out for.

We’re only a month and a half away from saying goodbye to 2019. A lot of things happened this year in the crypto sphere alone, and we at ADN are excited for whatever is in store for us in 2020.

If you have been reading the news in the last couple of months, you will notice a number of developments that will have a profound impact in the crypto sphere for at least a couple of months to…

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