I will show you how to create an iOS app utilizing UITabBarController along with Swift 5 and Xcode 10.

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Let’s start by creating an Xcode project. Select Single View App , name it whatever you want and make sure Swift is selected as the language.

First thing we’re going to do is delete the Main.storyboard and dereference it in the project settings.

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Remove the reference in Project info > General tab > Deployment info section > Main interface.

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Now if you build the project you will only get a blank screen and that’s because we need to create the views ourselves. …

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Here are a couple of tips that I have learned from working with Vue.js over the past year.

ES6 introduced a new way to define functions. Although it is shorter and faster to type, its power comes from how it defines its scope. When using the old way of defining functions the this scope does not work the way we might intend. For example:

The growUp function has defined its own scope therefore the this does not reference the Person object. …

Event Bus messages in Vue.js is a powerful ability that allows for non parent/child components to communicate. It is usually a perfect solution when 1 way communication is needed.

Recently, I needed the same ability to send a message to a listening $on() and after some work send the result back to the $emit() caller, but Vue.js does not have a built in way to do that. In my case I had a database in the main process to which I needed to control access to.

This example uses the Lovefield database.

Using Promises it is possible to create the desired functionality. …


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