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1. https://www.udemy.com/angular-2-tutorial-for-beginners/
 “Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide”

Angular 2 . It’s one of the leading frameworks for building modern, scalable, cross-platform apps. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or a full-stack developer, you need to learn Angular 2.
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With this course , You will know how to build re-usable components, Control rendering of HTML,Format data using pipes, Implement custom pipes,Build forms with custom validation,Build single page apps (SPA),Resolve common Angular 2 errors,Write cleaner, more maintainable code, and much more…
 At the end of this course, you’ll build an application that exhibits many features you find in a lot of real-world applications
 “The benefits of this course”
 You totally can establish yourself as a front-end developer who can build real-world apps with Angular 2; master the core Angular 2 concepts and how to use them in building real-world apps,. Moreover, When you complete this course, you can Build re-usable components, build forms with custom validation, Use Reactive Extensions and Observables to handle asynchrony and so on…
 Next, 2 https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-guide-to-angular-2/
 “Angular 2 — The Complete Guide (Updated to RC4!)”
 It is the best way to learn how to create modern web applications with the successor of Angular.js
 This entire Course was just updated to RC4 and includes the new Angular 2 Router and Forms Module!

“Join the most comprehensive and popular Angular 2 course on Udemy, because now is the time to get started”
 “ The knowledge of this course”

From Setup to Deployment, this course covers it all! You’ll learn all about Components, Directives, Services, Forms, Http Access, Authentication and much more — and in the end: You’ll learn how to deploy an application!

But that’s not all! This course will also show you how to use the Angular 2 CLI and feature a complete project, which allows you to practice the things learned throughout the course!

This course will be kept up-to-date to ensure you don’t miss out on any changes once Angular 2 is finally released!
 “The benefits of this course”
 This course will teach you all the fundamentals about modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access and much more! We will take a lot of deep dives and each section is backed up with a real project. All examples showcase the features Angular 2 offers and how to apply them correctly.
 3. https://www.udemy.com/quickstart-angularjs/
 Quickstart AngularJS
 “A quick practical approach to let you know whether AngularJS is the tool of choice for your project as well as you!”
 AngularJS doesn’t have to be hard to learn. Its concepts are bit difficult to grasp at start. This course will not only teaches you how to make applications in AngularJS, but how to start, plan, design and develop an application. How to structure your application into three different components of MVC: Model, View and Controllers. How to code these components using AngularJS…
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You will know how to design, plan and develop your application using MVC, data Binding to update views automatically, moving data to scope & business logic to controllers. Moreover, you will Organize your code using Modules, also create Single page application (SPA) using Routing

“The benefits of this course”
 After finishing this course you will be able to convert your static pages to dynamic views using MVC design pattern. You will know most of the Angular concepts like data binding, directives, controllers, scope, filters and animations and so on.
 4. https://www.udemy.com/angular-2-and-nodejs-the-practical-guide/
 Angular 2 and NodeJS — The Practical Guide to MEAN Stack 2.0
 “Angular 1 and NodeJS, together with ExpressJS (NodeJS Framework) and MongoDB formed the very popular MEAN stack. Now is the time to dive into MEAN 2.0 and replace Angular 1 with Angular 2.”

Benefit from the many improvements and advantages Angular 2 offers you: Speed, ease of development, highly reactive, awesome support for asynchronous operations, great scalability and more.
 “ The knowledge of this course”
 Specifically, you will learn how to set up a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular 2 Application; use NodeJS and Express efficiently. Besides , you ought to build reusable Components in Angular 2 and create a reactive User Experience with the Tools provided by Angular 2.

“The benefits of this course”

You can connect your NodeJS (or any other language!) backend with your Angular 2 App through Angular 2’s Http Service, Build real Angular 2 + NodeJS applications,Understand how Angular 2 works and how it interacts with Backends, Esepcially, You can use MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with Data on the Backend and Provide a great user experience by using Optimistic Upda

5. https://www.udemy.com/master-the-mean-stack/
 Master the MEAN Stack — Learn By Example

“Learning Full Stack JavaScript. Using AngularJS, Node.js, Express and MongoDB we will Build a MEAN-based Web Application”
 “You should already have some basic knowledge of both Node.js and AngularJS 1.x. “
 “ The knowledge of this course”

In this course, you will learn to build a full stack web application using Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js and MongoDB. We will start with a sophisticated authorization template and work from there.
 “The benefits of this course”

You will know the best way how to create and use a RESTful API’s, also Web scraping using the Request and Cheerio modules. Furthermore, You can able to build a Full-Stack Web Application and Build a Full-Stack Web Application, scrape Data from Pinterest and so on.