Culture your Medium

By Jesús Ramírez and Paul Goya

Welcome to Culturing Media. Welcome to a living, organic and symbiotic model for growing a sustainable culture of your very own that evolves your business or cause efficiently in both cyberspace and humanspace.

First off, a few defining terms will introduce us to this new yet 4.5 billion year-old form for propagating and replicating a message or story. Let’s start with the word “culture.” This word and its layered meanings drive the core of this system. In Culturing Media language, “to culture” something means to grow a stable living and thriving ecosystem. An example is how a biologist cultures cells in a petri dish.

What is a “media” in Culturing Media parlance? A media is not a broadcast TV channel or famous newspaper. It isn’t even a social media site. Instead, a media is a sensing and amorphous digital and human growth space that is nurtured and memically designed by you to attract legions of symbionts.

What are symbionts? They are like-minded people, producers of memes, attractors, connectors, replicators and propagators who seek to join your culture because it makes good sense to them and because it reciprocally grows their own sustainability. In other words, they win if your cultured medium grows.

Once upon a time, was an empty petri dish with a few boxes of non-bestseller books to sell. Once upon a time, Apple iOS had no apps. It was housed in a buttonless phone created by a company that had never made a phone. It too was a petri dish with lots of hopeful agar and some hopeful DNA. Today the Apple iOS boasts 2 million apps 99.9% of which were created and are utilized by its symbionts. Once upon a time, a gas station which promised the cleanest bathrooms for hundreds of miles in any direction opened for business and chose a beaver as its beacon on the road. A trickle of people stopped by. Today, that podunk gas station feels more like a filled Walmart in the middle of nowhere than it does a gas station.

Cultured Brands

These three very different Culturing Media examples today attract new symbionts every day to their game-changing enterprises. They are each more than a product, a company, or a brand. They are beyond great marketers. They are all examples of something that is growing organically… They are all patiently cultured mediums. And they are not at any risk for declining any time soon because their very symbionts help feed the medium.

In 1986 after the publication of Positioning by Jack Trout & Al Rise, Business, Marketing and Advertising adopted a new story, a new DNA. Business, Marketing and Advertising were taken hostage within a “war” narrative. The metaphor of war became the marching orders of all business. Strategy, tactics, target markets, the planting of your flag in the mind of the consumer and the defeat of all competition became the right way to do business. In the last century, this approach actually worked. This is what is still taught today in every university. But it is now almost completely obsolete.

Culturing Media won’t make any sense from within the war box. It will bomb. In order for you to understand Culturing Media you must take off your war goggles. Through war lenses, this will look weak, un-strategic, just foolish. Unless you accept that the war is over, can you come to see how the internet and culture have deactivated the weapons of mass marketing. War just doesn’t work anymore.


What is not Culturing Media?

Culturing Media is not strategic marketing or branding.

Culturing Media is not a machine.

Culturing Media is not artificial.

Culturing Media is not a one-way monolog.

Culturing Media is not a win-lose proposition.

Culturing Media is not a strategic battle plan.

Culturing Media is not an unsustainable static system.

So then what is Culturing Media?

A beautiful ecosystem of thrivingnetworks

Culturing Media is an operating ecosystem that evolves.

Culturing Media is symbiosis in action.

Culturing Media is the most proven growth system on earth.

Culturing Media is an attraction medium that learns to lure swarms.

Culturing Media is a living threaded mesh of uncovered emotional insight.

Culturing Media is a mutating system.

Culturing Media is an omnidirectional feedback loop.

Culturing Media is a win-win bridge builder.

Culturing Media is an autopoietic eco-system that learns to feed itself.

Culturing Media is a learning, unifying and immune-based algorithm.

This is an evolving system. To grow or culture an idea in a medium, several ongoing processes need to take place at all times.

To help make this easier to remember, Paul Goya and I took poetic license in the assigning of the verb names that we feel are vital to the growing of a culture.

Paul Goya — The Brand Equator

To Culture a Medium the culture team must DNAte, Sensate, Mediate, Replicate, Propagate, Memate, Swarm, Mutate and Symbiate.

To Sensate — is to constantly sense for nutrition, energy and new DNA while also sensing for pathogens and energy draws

To DNAte — is to organically select the most living and replicable genome ideas, instruction and stories that will grow your medium sustainably.

To Mediate — is the constant tending to the creation of a living and balanced medium

To Stimulate — is the provision of a stimulus or “agar” that attracts more symbionts and memes to the culture thus strengthening it

To Replicate — is the energy of growing through duplication of ideas, new symbionts and through partnering with adjacent cultures

To Propagate — is the seeking out and spreading of the culture through culture vectors, meme channels and through the joining of other symbiotic adjacent or like-minded cultures

To Memate — is the active creation and iterations of easily transferrable stories, graphics, and video capsules that travel through vectors and grow your medium

To Swarm — is the cultures’ predisposition to cluster around an emotional idea or story and compound its social noticeability thereby attracting others to the medium

To Mutate — is the constant evolution of the medium’s genome so that its culture continues to grow in the wake of constant social change.

To Symbiate — is the deliberate balancing and re-tuning of the medium to ensure that the culture is feeding all or most of its symbionts while protecting the culture from cancerous pathogens which can replicate fast and kill the culture.

Once the culture becomes symbiotic it will experience autopoiesis and begin to feed itself.

Either through direct feeding or through autopoiesis a culture needs to be fed every day to survive and thrive. At first, your culturing team will do the feeding. In the future, the cultured medium will be fed by outside Genitors, these are symbionts that transform from being passive cell members of the cultured medium to becoming active sensing, meme producing, replicating, propagating, symbiating super cells. Creating Genitors is crucial to culturing your media.

DNAte, Replicate, Propagate, Symbiate

Ultimately, Culturing Media is one giant algorithm made of many algorithms at both digital and natural substrates.

A culture is a learning and evolving medium.

Finally, a cultured medium is not a fast-track way to grow the nature of your business or organization. It doesn’t grow like a well-funded traditional marketing campaign. It also doesn’t die as fast either.

A cultured medium lives on.