Accidental Suicide

He sits, poised, contemplating. 
Gun to head. 
He visualises his desire. His finger is on the trigger, and trembles on its smooth curve. A little tug and he will be immediately extinguished. He will no longer exist. He ruminates on what that means. Is that really what he wants?

A glimpse of the life he could have flashes inside his tightly shut lids. 
His heart surges with rare hope. Maybe there could be a way out of this, even for him. Maybe his dreams can come true too, even if the process will be arduous. His grip on the gun relaxes slightly. He exhales the air he didn’t know he was holding in.

She rushes into the room, excitement sparkling in her eyes, yelling his name.
She startles him. His body spasms from it, pulling his finger deeper against that smooth, deadly curve. 
Then he’s still.
All is still.

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