JetBox APK 2019 — Review

Jetbox Movie app
Oct 20, 2019 · 3 min read

So I have been using the JetBox APK app for a while now, about 4 months, and I decided to do a review on it. There are a lot of different types of Android free movie and TV streaming apps out there, some more popular the JetBox APK. Some of them have been in the market for way longer than JetBox as well. However, I wanted to give the new kid on the block a chance and went ahead and downloaded the JetBox APK. So here is my review on this free streaming app.

First impressions of JetBox APK

One of the reasons I was attracted to the app, in the beginning, was its fantastic interface. But to be honest I also liked the app name. ‘JetBOX’ seemed a really cool name. I was also attracted to the artwork which made the app seem really cool. Then I did some digging and found that the app was actually a bit different than other apps. There were differences in features as well the how the app worked. Since all of these intrigued me, I decided to download the JetBOX apk movie app, after all, it was free.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the download process was. It might have taken me about 1 minute to download and install the app on my android phone. The place where I downloaded the app from had detailed step-by-step instructions on how the JetBox APK download process. Therefore I recommend that you get it from the same place as well. Click here to get the latest version of JetBox APK on Android 2019.

As soon as I had the app installed on my phone, I was able to start browsing and streaming movies and tv shows right away. This was because the app doesn’t prompt you to login or create a user profile, which was very refreshing! Although you can create your own profile if you needed to. Once I was in, I was shocked at the amount of content that was available. And the quality of the content was also spot on.

Using JetBox APK

So using the app was very simple. The app was beautifully designed keeping the user in mind. This was apparent from the get-go. The developers certainly have spent quite a lot of time getting the interface just right. Moving from one section to another was a breeze. And even though there ads places here and there (this was perfectly acceptable given the app was free), the ads did not interfere with my viewing pleasure and believe me, it was a pleasure!

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JetBOX apk conclusion

Alright so, probably the best thing about the Jetbox app is that it finds the best possible links to the movie or to show that you want to watch. This ensures that you have the best possible experience every time you watch something on this app. Also, I forgot to mention that you can download anything you see here as well. And since I'm a proper movie lover, I watch movies from all over the world, and that is what Jetbox gives you.

Considering all of this, I really can’t fault the app. There was however one time when I couldn’t find the right version of the app to download but eventually, I did. And for your information that version is 3.5.1. I have to say that I will keep using this app for a long time, given that the developers don’t mess this up with an unnecessary update.

Jetbox Movie app

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JetBOX App is the go-to app to stream and download movies, tv shows, and cartoons on your mobile devices, completely free. Select from a wide range of genres in

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