15 Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Hands down, these are the 15 Snapchat accounts to follow NOW!

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social apps & networks worldwide. Since its launch in 2011, it has raised $2.63B and now claims to have 150 million daily active users and more than 700 million pictures sent & viewed every day, while the majority of its users is younger than 24 years old.

During the last couple of months we have been following closely several Snapchat accounts and these are the 15 personal accounts you should definitely follow:

1. Αfrojack

  • Who: He is a 28-year-old Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer.
  • Why to follow: You can watch his collection of exotic cars, which he loves! Also, you will get the opportunity to listen all of his music, even the tracks that have not been released yet!
  • Highlight moment: He likes using the backward filter and he practises with his friends on talking backwards, which is really funny!
  • Posting frequency: 6 days per week
  • Our score: 9/10

2. Casey Ho

  • Who: She is a 29-year-old American social-media fitness entrepreneur, pilates & fitness vlogger that sells fitness apparel through her YouTube channel and website.
  • Why to follow: She shares all kind of tips for healthy eating and exercise that can get you out of your daily routine and inspire you to make changes that will benefit your body and soul.
  • Highlight moment: When she run a contest via snapchat where you could win a smartwatch-fitness wearable.
  • Posting frequency: 5 days per week
  • Our score: 9/10

3. Christine Mi

  • Who: She is one of the top Snapchat influencers, professional Snapchat artist & strategist.
  • Why to follow: A truly creative snapchat account that makes painting on a smartphone seem easy, until you try it yourself. Her stories are full of funny photos with colorful drawings and classic art pieces.
  • Highlight moment: Her selfies turned into paintings of Disney princesses.
  • Posting frequency: 3 days per week
  • Our score: 10/10

4. Diplo

  • Who: He is a 37-year-old American DJ, record producer, singer, songwriter and record executive based in Los Angeles, California.
  • Why to follow: Emojis & cute faces, coming from Diplo’s personal & work life take over his, really creative, snaps! You will also get previews and the release date of his upcoming tracks!
  • Highlight moment: He once uploaded a video of a stranger who pulled over his car in order to catch a Pokémon and they started talking about Pokemon Go.
  • Posting frequency: 6 days per week
  • Our score: 8/10

5. Dj Khaled

  • Who: He is a 40-year-old American record producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive.
  • Why to follow: “Snapchat King” shares his philosophy / ideas / advice about life, one snap at a time. The awesome part is that he shoots these videos while he is taking a shower, walking to his garden, cooking or dressing. You can also listen to his new songs and meet his -celebrities- friends.
  • Highlight moment: When Khaled met a disabled fan who has been waiting for hours to meet Khaled and, as a “Thank you” gift, Khaled gave him on of his necklaces. Of course, this was captured in his story!
  • Posting frequency: 24/7
  • Our score: 9/10

6. Gigi Hadid

  • Who: She is a 21-year-old Palestenian-American fashion model and television personality.
  • Why to follow: Her story is full of fancy moments mostly of her private life and sneak peeks from her during work. Many celebrities also feature her story, like the Kardashian family and friends.
  • Highlight moment: When she uploads her outfits, while she is still trying them on.
  • Posting frequency: 2 days per week
  • Our score: 8/10

7. Jack Morris

  • Who: Behind “do you travel” is a 24-year-old British world traveller, photographer and Instagram influencer.
  • Why to follow: His photos will make you feel like you are on the trip with him! Don’t follow him if you can’t stand being constantly jealous of his photography skills & the destinations he visits!
  • Highlight moment: We will never forget the extraordinary scenery in Morocco!
  • Posting frequency: 6 days per week
  • Our score: 10/10

8. Jared Leto

  • Who: He is a 44-year-old American actor, singer-songwriter and director.
  • Why to follow: A snapchat story full of funny videos of his private life, photos from filming movies, 30 seconds to Mars live concerts, and many many more. It is like watching the story of an every social / funny / cute friend of yours, only he is not your friend and he is famous.
  • Highlight moment: When Jared Leto was shooting Suicide Squad, his Snapchat story was more than epic!
  • Posting frequency: 5 days per week
  • Our score: 9/10

9. Julieanna Goddard

  • Who: She is “Yesjulz”, a 26-year-old Snapchat influencer, events producer, brand builder, hostess and “the Queen of Snapchat” according to Huffington Post.
  • Why to follow: Her whole life is on Snapchat; even Skype-calls & meetings with her colleagues when they are talking about new projects. She’s based in Miami and will give you backstage access to cool parties, events, festivals & nightclubs.
  • Highlight moment: When it’s “Mail Day”, she gets like 100 gifts from brands / shops and she tries everything on. You cannot get enough of it!
  • Posting frequency: 5 days per week
  • Our score: 9/10

10. Kylie Jenner

  • Who: She is a 19-year-old American reality television personality, socialite and model.
  • Why to follow: THE must-follow account if you like watching celebrities’ everyday life. Her story is full of brands, luxury life, make up (she has her own cosmetics series!), parties, moments with her friends, trips and news about her next steps.
  • Highlight moment: When she launched her KYshadows and she was teaching her followers how to wear them right step by step.
  • Posting frequency: 24/7
  • Our score: 9/10

11. Michael Salzheur

  • Who: He is a 44-year-old American cosmetic and plastic surgeon based in Miami, Florida.
  • Why to follow: If you can put up with unedited photos & videos straight from his Surgical Table, then you will love this account. Michael will even explain you what he’s doing! If you are lucky enough, you might also win a free treatment (e.g. botox) if you book an appointment through Snapchat!
  • Highlight moment: The funny videos with his staff and/or clients!
  • Posting frequency: 24/7
  • Our score: 9/10

12. Pouya Sayyedi

  • Who: He is an Iranian Mechanical Engineer who has a great taste of humour and a lot of imagination.
  • Why to follow: He uploads photos with everyday objects and creative drawings that most of us couldn’t do on paper, let alone a tiny mobile screen. His story has great aesthetic and many fictional characters.
  • Highlight moment: When he “dressed” an ice-cream stick to avoid catching a cold.
  • Posting frequency: 5 days per week
  • Our score: 10/10

13. Steve Aoki

  • Who: He is a 39-year-old American electro house DJ, record producer and music executive.
  • Why to follow: Watch each and every of his day in 10 second-videos and photos. It’s like living with him, being next to him when he is playing music, flying with his jet or when he comes up with new tracks and melodies.
  • Highlight moment: When he played the Pokémon song during one of his appearances and the crowd went crazy.
  • Posting frequency: 24/7
  • Our score: 10/10

14. Tina Leung

  • Who: She is a stylist and blogger from Hong Kong who emerged on the street-style scene with her eclectic style.
  • Why to follow: She attends exclusive fashion events all over world, has a great taste of clothing, enjoys spending time with friends & having a bite in fancy restaurants. life with friends and good food. Her story has one common denominator: Style.
  • Highlight moment: When she demonstrates all her outfits and then let us know which one she chose & why.
  • Posting frequency: 4 days per week
  • Our score: 10/10

15. Yvan Rodic

  • Who: Behind “Face Hunter” is a 29-year-old Swiss street styler-photographer who travels the world photographing people at cultural events and fashion events.
  • Why to follow: He travels and shows amazing spots and places from all over the world. Through his snaps, you will meet locals who talk about their country! His love for emojis, geofilters, lenses & stickers, make his stories unique!
  • Highlight moment: During one of his trips, he was cycling with a local for hours and, simultaneously, he was sharing tips & hints of the area!
  • Posting frequency: 6 days per week
  • Our score: 8/10

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