How to Step Up your Twitter Game

Create Great Content, Increase your Engagement, Gather New Followers

We live in the digital era; social media have replaced magazines & newspapers, but just like different magazines satisfy different tastes, different social media serve different purposes.

Twitter is the platform where news are being spread in nanoseconds and the ultimate location for businesses wanting to support their clients. Follow the right tips and you will become the next Twitter-master.

Let your journey begin.

Create quality content & increase your engagement

Twitter is different from the rest of the social networks but it follows exactly the same rule: your results are directly connected to your content’s quality. The better the content, the better the results. But what is really considered as “good content” on Twitter?

1. Keep it simple but provide direction

Don’t complicate your tweets or deliver the information you want in a perplexing way. Use simple wording and a direct call to action, if necessary. Users won’t spend much time trying to understand what you really mean or what you want them to do. Keep it simple!

2. Take advantage of Trending Topics

Trending Topics actually show the topics (duh!) that are popular in the geographic region you are interested. Practically, these conversations are being monitored by numerous users and it is a great chance for you to participate in realtime to take advantage of it. A tweet with one of the trending hashtags will help you get discovered but always be mindful when joining conversations that are not directly related to your industry. Trending topics can easily backfire.

3. Humanize your brand’s voice & put your personality in your tweets

Don’t use just facts or write your tweets too formal. People like to feel they can get more personal with you or your brand. Keep in mind the following, when creating your tweets:

Would I click, reply or retweet this if I saw it on my feed?

4. Use creative visual content

Twitter isn’t the social network that highlights pictures, but when used correctly, interesting and tasteful images will earn you more impressions & even higher engagement. So, don’t be afraid to put the effort of creating beautiful images and graphics for your tweets.

Let’s be clear about one thing, meaningful & relevant content is the only thing that will keep users coming back even if all the rest fail (e.g. paid promotion). Nonetheless, there are some ways that can help you boost your engagement rate, even if good content is removed from the equation.

Speaking of “engagement rate”, keep in mind that a good engagement rate ranges between 2–3%, so if yours isn’t higher that that don’t get stressed.

5. Use hashtags, links & photos

Hashtags, links & photos are the perfect way to make crystal clear your message. Even if someone won’t bother to read the text, they will see the picture, the link & the hashtags. Also, the combination 0f the 3 makes the information you want to deliver more appealing to the eye and thus it won’t “scare off” your users.

Give your users reasons to click on your tweets.

6. Retweet & quote tweets

You can’t always be on top of things and know all the latest news. Sometimes you are going to miss something, but don’t stress about it, there is a way to get the best out of this situation. If you see a tweet you like, retweet it & add a quote of your own. This action will probably help you connect with the user that posted the original tweet (unless he’s famous, then sorry, but it’s not gonna happen) and you will post about something interesting without having to put much effort in to it.

Moreover, since tweets usually die after 2–5 minutes, don’t be afraid to re-share your old content. Sharing your big news more than once, it’s ok. But please, do not retweet yourself.

7. Offer great customer support

Don’t ignore the people that tweet to you or mention you, even if they are asking for the most obvious thing on earth. Be polite, straightforward & quick to your responses. The more you are out there, responding to your fans, the more they will interact with you. After all worth-of-mouth marketing is one of the best tool a business can have.

Pro Tip: Don’t reply only to the tweets mentioning you directly; set up a couple of searches for relevant hashtags. You want to know what is being said about you, even when you are not officially mentioned.

8. Listen to and engage with the community

Don’t reply only to the tweets mentioning you directly; set up a couple of searches for relevant hashtags. You want to know what is being said about you, even when you are not officially mentioned.

Think Twitter as a party: if someone talks to you, is there any chance to turn your head away in a party? Right, no. So don’t do it on Twitter.

The more you search & follow people, the more engaging opportunities you will discover. Never forget that people feel flattered when a brand is talking to them; they feel special.

9. Tweet frequently and in real time

You can’t post once a week and expect results.

Did you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is approximately 5 minutes?

As said before, you have to post regularly and, ideally, in real time. We know that scheduling your tweets is a huge time savior (and we do it too) but there are instances that live tweeting can be much more meaningful and efficient.

How to gain more followers

Followers are, in a way, the essence of your social media accounts. They are the people who believe your content is actually worth seeing. But how can you further increase the amount of those people? Well, we expected this question and we have you covered!

1. Well-Optimized Profile

Your profile should be complete and contain all the information a user might need to search for. Bio, profile picture and a cover are all necessary in order for your profile to be up-to-date and to avoid sending out vibes of negligence.

2. Start following users & brands

If you admire an account you should follow it. This help you learn from the techniques they use to promote their product and you will always have a source of quality material that you can use as inspiration from your tweets.

3. Tweet often

You have to be committed in order to be valued.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well though out timetable. People value consistency & diligence. The more valuable content you tweet, the higher the chances are to get retweeted from your followers and, consequently, increase your reach.

4. Pay attention to what’s happening on Twitter

Don’t close your eyes and ears to the world.

Twitter is the platform from which you will learn first the latest news. And you can use this to your advantage. If you become a source that breaks the news or always comments on the latest news, it’s easier to gather followers.

5. Connect your profile with your other social media accounts

If you have a presence in other social networks, you have to let people know your accounts. This can help you cross promote your content from one platform to another and even “transfer” some of your followers to & from your other social media accounts.

6. Paid Campaigns

Paid Promotion is a great way to be seen by many people that otherwise would ignore your existence. If used correctly you can gain many impression and of course followers. There are numerous advertising options and it is almost sure that you will find the one that matches your needs.

So, that was all about Twitter folks. The only thing you have to do now is put into practice these tips. Success isn’t guaranteed but the path will be clearer of the bigger obstacles. Don’t forget to put yourself in your tweets and know that we would love to read your witty tweets.

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