What to Look For When Buying Water Bladder for Backpack

Hydration bladders are said to be a great invention in the outdoor world that actually became commercially available in early 90s. The first appeared in the cycling world where there were a large number of athletes wanted hands-free access to water.

Earlier, these hydration bladders were only sold in some hydration packs. But, it didn’t take long for all those of backpack manufacturers for realizing this was actually a convenient way of drinking especially while hiking, backpacking running and also several other sports. As results, almost every important backpack is sold nowadays are hydration bladder fully compatible in some way.

Size is something that matters a lot if you are really planning to buy a good water bladder backpack that can easily fit your compartment in your backpack. There are a large number of hydration bladders generally use a similar shape but they tend to vary little bit. Almost every important bladder is available in two-liter and also three-liter sizes and also available in even smaller sizes.

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