An Open Letter to my Libertarian Friends (and Gary Johnson)
Jordan Paul

Jordan Paul believes that TPP involves free trade. It doesn’t look very much like free trade to me.

The way we do things now is not very good. Many many bilateral trade deals that benefit some of our products and benefit some of their products. If the free market regulated that, maybe there could be more wealth in the world. Paul mentions some of the bad deals that currently exist, that would be revoked by TPP and he figures they are an unalloyed benefit.

But TPP is not free trade at all. It is a complicated trade agreement among a collection of nations. The details of the agreement are not enforced by governments so much as by consortiums of businesses.

What businesses will benefit from this? Clearly, the ones that are largest with the most money. Businesses that have less cash cannot compete. We will not get an approximation of free trade. We will get a system that strongly favors the international corporations that are already the most successful. Competition will be reduced.

With TPP we would replace the current bad system with a new system which is likely to become even worse. We need to allow at least a few years for academics to do mathematical simulations and computer modeling before we blindly accept this plan.