Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Dr.
SF Ali

To be a great salesman, Trump only has to outcompete the competition.

Say there’s a failing company, and management is panicking. They have no idea what to do. Trump says he can save them. If they don’t let him try, you probably won’t hear about it. If somebody else makes an offer and they accept, you probably won’t hear about Trump.

OK, they accept Trump’s kind offer and then he reorganizes, he does a Chapter 11 and winds up with a more-or-less-functional business. The stockholders get nothing. Trump gets a bundle. Probably the guys who invited him in get nothing, or maybe they get something. Then he’s ready to do it again.

If nobody else offers to save them, he doesn’t have to be a great salesman to have a chance — not when they’re desperate.

So the GOP owners were in trouble. They had a bunch of clowns nobody wanted. They spent money pushing Jeb Bush, and nobody was buying. They spent money on various guys and the closest they came to success was Cruz. Trump offered to save them and they invited him in. Now he’s doing pretty good and the owners don’t like it at all. His success is not their success. Par for the course.

And the USA is in trouble. Everybody can see we’re in a lot of trouble. Trump is offering to save us. The main alternative is Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t have to be a great salesman. A decent salesman would be doing a lot better against her — miniscule advertising budget or not. But he’s doing OK because the competition is even worse.

Neither one of them is worth a damaged rat stomach, and I’m going to vote against them both.