The Most Motivational Statement Ever in 3 Words
Gary Vaynerchuk

There is, perhaps, deeper nuance here. To cognitively understand ‘I’m going to die’ vs. to really FEEL what that means (i.e. the visceral feeling you get when you think about all of the loved ones you will never see again) are two very different experiences in my mind.

I believe that in order to really capitalize on this excellent advice, you must find a way every single day to remember and quantify what “we’ve only got one at bat” actually means. Whether it’s leveraging a sense of finite time or taking a deep inventory of all the things that make your life worth living and realizing that you want to do everything in your power to enjoy and keep them. This conjuring of motivation must be a real time task that occurs repeatedly and often rather than a one time acknowledgement. It is far too easy to feel like coming to a realization once is enough to facilitate real change. For better or for worse, it isn’t.

Very nice writeup :)