3 things Why I start publishing my works, even I know it isn’t “Perfect" yet.

Jethro David
May 28, 2018 · 3 min read

I have a lot of side projects in my mind, a lot of stories and insights I want to write. From my mind, I already created a bunch of project on my Old Windows 7 PC, before reinstall into Ubuntu 14, upgrading into Ubuntu 16, and got my first macbook Pro . In there have unpublished projet destroyed. Beside that, I have a lot of Insights in my Evernote and not published yet.

my First github repositories

Why I didn’t publish them…? Because I won’t publish half-assed projects, and stories with a lot of Grammatical mistakes, and some tenses just directly translates from google Translate (the power of google translate… yeahhh…..😎👍)

Since 2014 I created my first github Repo and It was using only for saving my works remotely and learn the git command. And It’s not intends to make something useful for the Open Source Community. It just for myself. Since then my github account is using for my old company, even only for helping record the company CSR closed meeting progress, sometimes I just forked some interesting project, contribute a simple Polymer component to Open Source. And using to publish my technical assessment for applying a new job.

2 years ago I start publishing my first Medium post because I think It’s useful to inform friends and acquaintances to understand that some people including me, have difficulty to recognize people faces.

Last year I write an unpublised insight to help inform everyone that a lot of person have different MBTI personalities in professional settings. I’m not publishing it, because it seems “fakes" because there’s another intention to make that story is to self-brand myself to public jobs. And I know my sister in law who expert in psychology says MBTI isn’t the only one tool to know people personalities.

My“perfectionist” tendencies hold me to progress on and published this insight, because I know I’m not an expert in that field

My unpublished insights

When I think again, why I shouldn’t publish something “Perfect” or useful for everyone. I found that I’m motivated to write stories or working on projects, when first it’s useful to myself. From now I’ll start publishing it, event it’s not perfect yet, So this is the benefits I expect if I start publishing my works:

  • I can learn from mistakes

When I start publish my first repo vs my last repo, that’s a huge differences between that 2 projects.

  • I can ask some advices based on data

When I publish my project into github repo, I can ask advice based on my repo to some friend who’s more expert in this technical fields. I just meet a friend, who is an english IELTS teacher I think she can help me correct my grammatical mistakes in this story too.

  • I have “recorded”data to improves

If I look at my old code, when first 6 month since I started my programming experience, I can easily notice, how bad my code was. So I hope this will works on the published stories I wrote in Medium too.

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